Nuage Vert – Green Cloud

First 30 seconds of Green Cloud goes online from HeHe on Vimeo.

The video above is of an art and lighting “installation” called Nuage Vert, or “Green Cloud.”  Nuage Vert is an installation that attempts to increase awareness of energy consumption and to help give each of us an idea of our individual consumption and responsibility.  This is an older project – but still pretty awesome – so I wanted to pass on its message.

A coal power plant was the target – the Salmisaari coal burning power plant in Ruoholahti, Helsinki, Finland.  With the help of a large green lazer animation, the artists of Nuage Vert, Helen Evans and Keiki Hansen (or HeHe, collectively), the cloud of smoke pouring out of the stack at the Salmisaari plant was illuminated with a green outline, showing its size and opacity, if you will.

Or, if you won’t.

Nuage Vert won the coveted Ars Electronica Golden Nica and 01SJ Green Prix for Environmental Ar.  Ars Electronic said this about the project:

“Pollstream – Nuage Vert transforms clouds into projection surfaces. As such, these indefinable, constantly and chaotically changing products of the condensation of water vapor become media bearing political ideas and messages. Or aestheticized symbols of environmental pollution caused by carbon emissions. Pollstream – Nuage Vert was developed in collaboration with experts in laser technology, computer science, electrical engineering, energy generation and air quality monitoring. Development commenced in 2002 and concluded in February 2008 with a performance in Helsinki that impressively demonstrated how art is capable of encompassing an entire city-its public sphere, its industry and its inhabitants-and unfolding sociopolitical relevance. Pollstream – Nuage Vert is the recipient of the 2008 Golden Nica in the Hybrid Art category.”

There’s also a blog for Nuage Vert – old, of course, but still a good representation of the project.  Below is another video of the project – a little bit longer, and equally as interesting.  I love how the laser continually traces the cloud.

First video footage of the Green Cloud from HeHe on Vimeo.

HeHe’s page on Nuage Vert has a few videos and some large images of the project, check them out.

Projection Designers

I just read a really great article at the Live Design Online website by Zachary Borovay entitled “I Am Not A Lighting Designer.” Sorry for the short post, but I highly recommend this article – clever, to the point, and an easy read.

My favorite paragraph of the article – just because it’s a great thing to say about a profession:

First of all, I think, as designers, we need to come up with a title for our vocation and stick with it. Whether I am using a video projector, television monitor, 35mm slide projector, vintage home movie projector, or a candle and shadow, I still choose to call myself a projection designer. If it were up to me, this would become the generic title for the job – similar to how brand names such as Kleenex® or Xerox have become part of our vocabulary. Why? Two reasons: the first is tradition. It is an homage to those who have come before us, since this field was created by people using slide projectors, magic lanterns, shadow puppets, and other projected media. The second is more philosophical, because I am projecting my ideas and concepts as another layer on top of the performance and therefore (hopefully) projecting it into the minds of the audience.

GE Profit Down 46%

Uh oh – General Electric’s fourth quarter earnings were down 46%, from a Huffington Post article a handful of days ago.  Even though they’re reporting massive losses, they claim they’re still quite liquid and able to pay out dividends.  Overall, GE is down about 22% from last year’s earnings.

From Huffington Post’s article:

GE’s businesses touch on most sectors of an economy mired in a recession, from medical equipment and real estate to TV stations. And its longtime profit engine, GE Capital, has seen profits sapped as businesses and consumers limit borrowing or default.

“The environment in total is very tough,” GE’s Chief Executive Jeff Immelt told analysts on an investor conference call.

Shares of the Fairfield, Conn.-based company fell $1.45, or 10.8 percent to $12.03 Friday, after hitting a 52-week low of $11.87 earlier in the session.

After paying preferred dividends, GE’s earnings totaled $3.65 billion, or 35 cents per share for the three months ended Dec. 31, down from $6.7 billion, or 66 cents per share, a year earlier. Those results included $1.5 billion in charges from a restructuring of GE Capital and increased reserves. But they also included a significant tax boost of $1.38 billion. JOBS: Kalamazoo

A random note, but I just passed the 400th post on!  Crazy!

Hey, Kalamazoo Civic Theatre is looking for a lighting and sound designer – which, in the smaller theatre market (and education) is becoming commonplace.  Can you do both?  Check out the gig!


We are seeking a self starter with excellent leadership skills, passion for collaboration with other designers and guest artists, and an affinity for teaching Interns and volunteers for this Resident Designer position. Responsible for all lighting, sound and SFX designs in a 14-production season. L/S Designer supervises ME and Intern while working with large inventory and computerized systems in 3 distinct venues. Full-time salaried position with health benefits available. For more information, go to Send cover letter with resume to Kristen Chesak, Kalamazoo Civic Theatre, 329 S. park Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49007. No phone calls please.

Check out the jobs listings at Kalamazoo Civic Theatre’s website,

Bentley Meeker Gear Stolen, January 13

I just got news from The Light Network that Bentley Meeker was robbed in the early morning of January 13, 2009 – someone stole a bunch of gear and 14′ two box trucks.  The trucks were recovered, but the gear was gone.  The trucks were parked on 36th Street in Manhattan, and discovered in Queens.

Apparently lots of stuff was taken, including (with serials):

2 @ NEC PX-61XM3A 61″ Plasmas
(SN#5900121-9K, 5900116-9K)

4 @ Pioneer PDP-504CMX 50″ Plasmas
(SN#DKSS0080067J, DKSS008008UJ, DKSS007991UJ, DKSS007329UJ)

1 @ Sanyo XF-70 Projector
(SN#92852, MFG: G8401400)

1 @ Sanyo 4.6-6.0:1 Lens
(for XF series projector)

36 @ Black Color Kinetics Color Blasts 12 TR

3 @ City Theatrical PDS750-TR

20 @ 72″ LED Color Blazes
(belonging to Creative Stage Lighting)

This sucks.  Obviously, if you’ve seen this gear, get ahold of Jon Prokopchak, the shop manager at Bentley Meeker.  Call the shop at 212-722-3349, x229 or email

Sorry to hear of this, guys.  I hope you find at least some of your stuff. JOBS – JOBS JOBS JOBS!!!

So, are you working steadily right now?  Are you paying the rent, the mortgage, the bills – eating alright?  If you’re not working, or freelancing and in need of a gig – what are you doing about it?

If you’re looking for work, you should be making the rounds daily at your favorite job sites, calling references, emailing and calling everyone you can possibly think of, making your name known, and getting it into the front of potential employers’ brains.  You’re not going to get work by not looking for it – no matter how hard you don’t try.  Getting work is work, and it’s work because you have to work for it.

Cheesy?  Maybe.  But how’s that job search coming?

I have a handful of favorites when I’m looking to pick up freelance income, light a show, or look for a steady gig.  There are lots and lots and lots and lots of places online that are posting gigs – there are also a lot of places out there that have a bunch of postings for a wide variety of things related to your field, and most of the time you have to sort through them, and often.  Remember, work.

Theatre Communications Group (TCG)’s famous Artsearch
Artsearch is the entertainment jobs rag that’s been around – well – forever.  In addition to their print jobs listings, they have a healthy online subscription-based product that is the pay go-to place for gigs.

Backstage Jobs
I got some of my first big gigs from Backstage Jobs – there are lots, in a large net of fields in the entertainment business, from tours to summer gigs, resident positions, and contract work. Job Board
The Entertainment Services and Technology Association – or ESTA, affectionately – has a job board with a good handful of listings.  From my experience with esta’s jobs, they’re usually good, high quality gigs.

Myspace Jobs
Maybe you don’t have a Myspace page, but I still have mine from WAY back in the day.  Myspace has a decent amount of good gigs, actually!  The link above is for the query “Lighting Designer,” for example.

JobZone at Live Design Online
Live Design Online has what they call the “JobZone.”  It’s chock full-o-jobs.  Lots of different genres.

Playbill Online’s Job Board
Not Playboy, PLAYBILL.  You know, the thing you always get at shows.  Their website has a lot of job postings for all kinds of entertainment jobs.

This is a small list of job search places, but it’s some of what I use.  Yeah, I’m sharing that with you in one place for your benefit – it’s because I’m glad you read the site!  Also, I am going to be posting jobs here, in a special page that’s being built, specifically for jobs dealing with light and the lighting industries.  More on this in the very near future.

The Black Crowes, Riverwind Casino, Norman, OK

I saw the Black Crowes this last May at the Riverwind Casino in Norman, OK – as you know, Phish is reuniting for both a summer tour, and a run of shows at Hampton Coliseum, to which I have tickets, and will be attending!  I was running through footage of lighting designer Chris Kuroda’s work tonight, and realized I had taken some video of a few of the moments in the show. Chris has been lighting the Crowes, and doing a beautiful job.

If you’re Chris Kuroda and you’re reading – I have been trying to get through to you for an interview – would you be interested?

Brady Darnell is One Big Bad Wolf

One Big Bad Wolf is a blog by Brady Darnell – Brady is an actor, director, and writer in the Denver area, and he writes mostly about the Denver theatre scene.  Brady had a great article  recently about Joe Dowling, the AD at the Guthrie, and his very ‘awesome’ salary.

As someone who lives in Denver and works in and around the area as a lighting designer and consultant, I can certainly tell you that work is hard to come by lately – me being very new to this area doesn’t help, no matter what my resume or portfolio looks like.  If you’re in the profession, it’s good to be completely up-to-date on what’s playing, who’s working, what’s working, and which theatres are hiring.  Professional theatres are folding all over the country; most recently, the long time Carousel Dinner Theatre in Akron, OH (not to be confused with the Carousel Dinner Theatre in Fort Collins, CO, which is doing okay).

It’s a designer-eat-designer economy right now.

Weekly WYSIWYG: Scenes

A tool that I find extremely useful when drafting multiple views inside of WYSIWYG is the Scenes function.  The tool itself looks like this:

and the dialogue box associated with the Scenes function looks like this:

Basically, the Scenes tool is like layer management, and is used to put together groups of layers for different functions.  For example, when I am putting together a set of presentation drawings, I will have different scenes set up to control the look of views like longitudinal section, front elevation, and other views I feel are necessary for the drawing.  Being an AutoCAD user, layers are something that I use quite frequently, and my drawings are always divided so tightly into layers that managing a drawing is easy.  I typically draft with notes and items spread across all three axes – X, Y, and Z – that I need a way to quickly turn off certain layers to have custom views.

Check it out – try setting up some different scenes and find your own functionality with the tool.


I could not wait to post this!  I just got an email from Ramzi, the spokesman at .PSLAB (you know, PSLAB), who sent me the details for “Jar,” a lamp using the efficient G28d lamp.  From Ramzi at .PSLAB:

Brief was to develop a light fixture using the G28d energy saving lamp. Proposal is a commonly used jar that can be purchased from any store off the shelf. When closed, it is sealed from outside hazards such as water. The jar is the package. The lamp within it becomes an IP rated fixture.

These images are cool – this is a great idea!  I use a few of these types of jars in our home, and in addition to being pretty airtight, they’re also very strong – I bounced my pint jar off of the tile floor in the kitchen, and the darned thing bounced!