“Sublime and Sensual” Smoke Art

I posted this here because of the amount of beauty that the light and the smoke create together – Dark Roasted Blend, in all of their digital image glory, posted yet another excellent post that has something to do with light and lighting, and in this occasion, smoke and art.  Please check it out!

(image credit: Irene Muller)

Off-Light-Topic: Turkey Recipe

Prepare for Turkey Day – if you have a recipe that rocks the casbah, then obviously don’t change it!  However, if you’re looking for something awesome, check out Elise’s recipe for Roast Turkey.  Elise runs one of my most favorite non-lighting blogs, Simply Recipes.  She puts so much awesome stuff on there, and all of it looks good, all the time.

Thanks for the recipe, Elise!

Elise’s Mom’s Roast Turkey Recipe

Roast Turkey

Roast Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope you enjoy your turkeys, Tur-Duc-Hens, Deep Fried Turkeys, Turkey Sandwiches, stuffing, cranberry what-have-yous, and other various turkey-centric recipes.

Mrs. JimOnLight and I are moving houses today, so posts will be light until after Turkey Day.  Spend some time with your families, and enjoy the time off of work, if you’re off of work.  If not, enjoy whatever workplace goodies the people who pay you provide!

You Can’t Afford to Be a Lighting Designer

I just read an absolutely fantastic article by Peter Maradudin about the amount of hours and money that go into being a lighting designer.  Please go read this article!

LDI – Clay Paky’s Booth

Clay Paky‘s booth this year was fun – more for the fact that they had a bunch of really punchy fixtures that were very, very freaking bright.  So bright, in fact, that I heard someone say “dude, is that the Clay Paky booth?  Do they have VL3000’s up there?”

The Alpha Beam 1500 is AWESOME, Clay Paky.  Just so you know.

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Camilla Deidrich’s Fiber-Optic Wallpaper

Inhabitat has a great article about a new luminous wallpaper that has been released by designer Camilla Deidrich,  It’s fiber optic in nature.

From the article:

What if we could light our homes with glowing wallpaper rather than having to rely on electric lights? Swedish designer Camilla Diedrich has asked this exact question, and in response, created a stunning line of luminescent wallpaper that is lit by fiber optics. Her Nature Ray Charles Wallpaper features a delicate assortment of floral motifs that shine through in lucid lines, adding a touch of energy-efficient ambiance to any room.

Available in 8 different colors, Nature Ray Charles Wallpaper is part of Ms. Diedrich’s ‘Walls‘ product line. Speaking about her working process Ms. Diedrich says, “I have been searching for light without light…I was drawing as usual and slipped on the keyboard the drawing went extremely light and I just stared and thought wow this must be how blind people see and I thought of Ray Charles, the musician. His name is Ray, doesn’t that mean light?”

Thanks, Inhabitat.  You folks have such great research!

LDI – MA Lighting’s Booth

MA Lighting had one of the more visually stunning booths this year, in my very humble opinion.  Big viz screen and ads, lots of people, and the new Grand MA 2.  What a desk – what a pre-viz built in, too!  I was looking at it with Mike Zinman of ZInmanCo, and the comment about how fanf&%$*tastic that console was came up a few times.

I took a bunch of pics of the MA Lighting booth – check them out:

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Absolutely Stunning LED Projects

Being the dork that I am, building my own computers and such, I read a blog called Hack N’ Mod – they posted an article not too long ago with some awesome LED projects showcased, like LED clothing, reactive LED mods, and a few really interesting LED ideas.  Check it out here.

NEMO: A LIFI Color Engine

Seachanger, the color mixing engine that you attach to a Source Four ellipsoidal, has just announced that they are selling a high-output color engine that runs on a LIFI lamp.  LIFI – I blogged about this a few days ago, but it means “Light Fidelity.”  It’s a high output lamp, very efficient, and uses plasma.

Plasma.  The NEMO is 83 lumens per Watt.  EIGHTY THREE.
Did I mention 83 lumens per Watt?  NEMO outputs 15,000 lumens on a mere 180W of power.

The Seachanger NEMO, from older posts I made about the regular spot and wash units, is also the kind of unit where you attach a Source Four barrel to the device and go.  NEMO is basically an HID source (in output terms) for a Source Four – like the Mole Richardson lamp units for the Source Four.  All of the same filters and xG (extreme green) stuff come with the NEMO.

From the product page:

Say hello to Nemo, the latest in the SeaChanger range designed to deliver a new class of high-intensity lighting.

Nemo is the first ETC Source Four® compatible color engine with a LIFI® plasma source that delivers 15,000 lumens on a modest 180 watts of power. That’s over 6 times the efficiency of comparable color engines.

The SeaChanger Nemo uses existing ETC Source Four front-end barrels as well as an assortment of ETC FOV optics. It comes equipped with SeaChanger’s own Extreme Green wheel that extends the CMY color gamut to create more dramatic, vibrant colors.

Because of its lamp life, Nemo is the perfect solution for hard-to-reach installations, domes, atria and theme parks. It bridges the gap between incandescent and LED lighting at a price that’s within reach.

Go efficient. Go Green. Go Nemo!

LDI – Philips/Color Kinetics Booth

Philips and Color Kinetics had a softly lit, multi-color booth this year.  Lots of great new products, and unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to chat with anyone there, as every time I went over, Philips reps were swamped.

Check out the booth:

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