ETC Stops Taking Orders for Express/Expression


This is a little bit of old news (not to me, apparently) , but on the ETC Blog today I read that they have abruptly stopped taking orders for their extremely popular lighting desk lines, the Express and Expression.

Wow.  All things come to an end, huh.

Am I wrong to say that most lighting programmers cut their baby teeth on one of these?  I offer programming seminars on both of these lines, and I have the strong believe that there is not a lighting design inspiration that didn’t take place on one of these two control surface lines, some time.  Teaching students about how to write a moving light bally with focus points and finessing fade times.  Learning how to write a chase.  What the heck is a split fade?  How do I write a part cue?  All of these are questions were answered on an Express.

The Microvision FX was my first console.  How about you?


  1. First console I used was a Leprecon something-or-another 2-Scene. First one I programmed was an Obsession 2.

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