The Warp Transform Girl

Tony Ariawan, a digital illustrator, created this and other images in a series called “Stop Haunt me Every Day.”  Tony utilized Photoshop CS2’s Warp Transform tool – something that myself and other commenters were almost completely in disbelief over.  Check out the rest of his work.

iPix and Radiohead – Awesome Video

Radiohead lighting and visuals designer Andi Watson is using 48 of the BB7 10 degree spot LED fixtures around his rig – with 25 of the units in five custom 5-way frames produced by Specialz.  Watson is also using 48 of the new BB4 wash luminaire models on his FOH truss.  25 i-Pix Satellite units with a holographic film are mounted on the floor in and around the backline to light Radiohead at close quarters.

Check out the offerings by i-Pix.  I certainly hope I have a chance in the near future to spec a few of each of the BB-4 and BB-7 fixtures!  The output is amazing.

Check out a more in-depth review of the Radiohead design and Andi Watson’s work in the i-Pix website’s article – great story!

Uh Oh, PRG Sues Martin

Looks like PRG is suing Martin Lighting for some sort of patent infringement.  According to the article from the great folk at PLSN:

Court documents filed on July 15 at the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York cite 20 counts of patent infringement. They include the assignable macro functions and other user interface features for Martin Maxxyz consoles, pixel-based gobo record control format for Martin Maxedia media servers and the lamp and three-color digital gobo system for Martin MAC luminaires.

Let’s hope there is more info about this in the near future.

iSwitch for iPhone, by Mike Zinman!

If you’re an AutoCAD user, then you remember AutoBlock for AutoCAD – the lighting block tool that pretty much all of us AutoCAD users used back in the day.  Mike’s come up with a great new iPhone app for we lighting designers and technicians – the iSwitch DMX dip switch calculator for iPhone!

The official press release:


Michael Zinman, developer of the successful AutoBLOCK 2000, software for AutoCAD, has released iSwitch DMX for the iPhone or iPod touch. This is an easy-to-use calculator for addressing DMX devices and generating a graphical Dip Switch Layout.

Entering any number between 1-512 generates a graphical dip-switch layout in real-time.
Includes an offset picker and Regenerate button to quickly generate the next DMX Address and dip-switch layout for that address.

iSwitch DMX can be purchased directly though iTunes via the App Store under Utilities for $4.99. Follow this link to go directly to the iSwitch DMX site on iTunes:

For more information, or to watch a video of this app, visit the website at

Go support the maker of AutoBlock! It’s $4.99!

“The Producers” at Carousel Dinner Theatre in Fort Collins, CO

I just opened a production of The Producers at Carousel Dinner Theatre in Fort Collins, CO.  The actor who plays Max is fantastic, I have to mention that.  He is also SPECTACULAR at finding his light!

The Producers at Carousel opened August 1, and it runs until October 25, 2008.  The food is actually pretty good, and the show is funny!

Jim to Speak at Ignite Denver

I’m going to be talking about the world of light and lighting design at the local Ignite Denver event on September 10, 2008 – Ignite Denver is a social event where a bunch of people have five minutes to talk about a unique topic, with a 15 second rotation of slides.  I’m looking forward to it!

More about this in upcoming weeks.