Wybron Hosting Focus Groups!


Wybron is hosting some focus groups for some of their products – they’ve invited lighting professionals to come and give feedback on their goods.

Check out the article at Live Design.

Plate Lamp?

Now, this is pretty haute couture…

A lamp made from plates. On one hand, it’s a normal lamp, not unlike the craziness you might find at a Pier One or even a Goodwill… You KNOW you’ve seen crazy stuff like this there!

From Belenko Interiors:

Cassette Tape Lighting Fixtures

I just found an article over at Make Magazine talking about these crazy cassette-tape lighting fixtures – made from clear case cassette tapes. An interesting idea! My only concern would be source output – can you put a TH lamp inside of that enclosure without melting your cassettes?

I guess this would be a perfect use of my old high school cassette collection!

Eco-Paint Makes Lunar Cabinet Glow

I just found an article at Inhabitat by Cate Trotter about a painted credenza designed by Sotirios Papadopoulos for ENNEZERO.  The paint on the credenza is a bio-eco-powder substance called ‘ELI,’ or “EcoLightInside.”

I’d love to see how many lumens this cabinet’s paint outputs, as the color captured in the picture is driving my eyes nuts!

Recycle Those Old Fluorescent Tubes

If you’re crafty, like the folks over at Castor Design Studios, you might have thought of another way to breathe life into those old fluorescent tubes.  Their “Recycled Tube Light” utilizes what looks like a TH incandescent, which to me creates some danger issues immediately.

The idea is great as a reuse of fluorescent tubes – I would consider some compact fluorescents instead as the source.  But that’s just me.  I’m sure the quality of light that the TH lamp uses is excellent.

Review of “LD Assistant” for AutoCAD

Designers all have their own preferences when it comes to CAD programs.  I try to stay in a wide triangle of CAD and visualization suites, with my favorites being Vectorworks 2008, WYSIWYG (I have R21), and AutoCAD.  It seems that every few years I encounter a reason to brush up on one of the three, so I just got proficient on all three.  Go figure.

AutoCAD users can benefit from a new build of a lighting-specific design and CAD program called LD Assistant, by Design and Drafting.  Christian Choi, a standard in the concert production realm, wrote a fantastic review of the product for LiveDesign Magazine.  Check it out.

Adam Frank – The “Reveal” Fixture

My wife pointed me to a post by Not Martha about the latest fixture from Adam Frank Incorporated – the “Reveal” fixture.

Essentially, it’s a projector, casting a multi-focus image onto whatever surface you desire.  The fixture boasts steel templates, and small waves in the projected image creates a feeling of a light breeze moving through the tree scene.

The “first edition” of Adam Frank’s fixture is limited to 1000 units – at $380.00 a pop.  It looks like a pretty interesting fixture, undoubtedly, but thank God I’m a lighting designer.

Adam Frank also uses light as his medium as an artist – check out some of the galleries I found here.

BARCO Acquires High End Systems


BARCO has acquired Austin, TX based High End Systems for about fifty five million bucks. High End Systems, for those who don’t know, is a moving light and automated technologies company that all lighting designers in the industry have or will have at some point encounter their gear. From the article at Blue Room Forums, it looks like BARCO is pretty excited to get their name on HES and release technologies together:

Stephan Paridaen, President of Barco’s Media and Entertainment division states: “We are proud and excited about joining forces with the leading player in the digital lighting market. High End’s differentiated product line-up and recent product introductions are clearly proof of their market-led vision and strong R&D focus. We look forward to introducing many new and exciting products into the converged lighting/video space together.”

“The acquisition is a great outcome for the employees of High End Systems and we are confident that the combined creativity and customer focus of Barco and High End Systems will deliver superior technology for the global entertainment markets,” said Merritt Belisle, Chairman of High End Systems, Inc.

BARCO is a global technology company that produces a lot of multimedia equipment and technologies. The acquisition of HES will be an interesting bit of change, and I for one am interested in seeing how this impacts the lighting industry, especially with regards to media servers and digital lighting.

The link from above was actually from Ukslc.org, not Blue Room.

RPI Creates the Darkest Material On Earth

I came across an article recently written by the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute that discusses a discovery made by RPI – a material made from a loosely populated coating of carbon nanotubes that has a reflectance of 0.045. This is ground breaking – the current standard is 1.4%. Researchers have developed this material coating to facilitate better solar energy absorption, and this is a great thing considering that we need to develop some new technologies to overcome our addiction to oil. From the article:

“It is a fascinating technology, and this discovery will allow us to increase the absorption efficiency of light as well as the overall radiation-to-electricity efficiency of solar energy conservation,” said Shawn-Yu Lin, professor of physics at Rensselaer and a member of the university’s Future Chips Constellation, who led the research project. “The key to this discovery was finding how to create a long, extremely porous vertically aligned carbon nanotube array with certain surface randomness, therefore minimizing reflection and maximizing absorption simultaneously.”

This is an excellent discovery on many levels. Outside of the uses for Solar Power Generation and increasing the amount of sunlight we can harness and utilize, a designer like myself has to consider the usage of such a material in the entertainment lighting arena as well – a material that reflects nearly no light almost makes lighting designers’ jokes about a “light sponge” for those spots on the stage or production where you don’t want light a reality. Imagine whole soft goods made of a coating of this material. Imagine scenic paint composed of this material. The possibilities are endless.

Check out the rest of RPI’s article here.

Welcome to Jim On Light

I want to give a little explanation to what Jim On Light will be discussing.  I’m a lighting designer – I work across several facets of the entertainment lighting industry, and I am constantly finding articles, news, and other interesting tidbits, productions, products, and otherwise noteworthy information regarding my industry.

I know I’m not the only one who finds this stuff interesting, so I’m giving a blog relating to light and lighting a shot.  If you find my posts interesting, please subscribe to my RSS feed, and I promise to make it worth your while.