HELIOS is the US Navy’s New Laser Weapon

The personification of the sun... a laser that can knock a drone dead out of the sky, somewhere between 60kW and 150kW. That's tremendous.
April 20, 2018/by Jim

Wires Above Cities, Then and Now

Before we had rat nests of death in the air through cities across the world, we had beautiful rat nests of death across the air in our cities. Notice the difference?
April 17, 2018/by Jim

Event Horizon Telescope – Capture the Edge of Light

Imagine something so powerful that not even light can escape -- and then imagine that we have no way to see it, because not even light can escape it.
April 11, 2018/by Jim

Argentinian Dude Photographs Exploding Star

Thanks to Victor Buso, we now have photographs of the supernova explosion in the spiral galaxy NGC 613 -- a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
April 10, 2018/by Jim

Ten Minutes of Fireworks Intentionally Fired at Once

Ever seen a ten minute display of fireworks fired off all at once? Here's a good example!
April 10, 2018/by Jim

VER Merges With PRG

Whoa.  VER (Video Equipment Rentals, for those who don't know…
April 5, 2018/by Jim

Incredible Sustainable Power News Among Energy Stories that are Liquid Poop

There is so much bad news going on lately with regards to the…
April 3, 2018/by Jim

Wasp39B – An Exoplanet with Water, but at 1400 Degrees

There is so much that can be discerned by dissecting light from…
March 26, 2018/by Jim

Electrical Bird Nests of Death Worldwide

I just recently learned what the actual definition of a clusterfuck…
March 25, 2018/by Jim
"Light becomes an intelligent language"

Name Change – Philips Lighting Rebrands as SIGNIFY

Philips Lighting is rebranding itself as Signify, which is a…
March 19, 2018/by Jim

A New Church of White Concrete and Filtered Light

White concrete and direct sunlight mixed with indirect sunlight make for one amazing church.
March 4, 2018/by Jim
incredible Aurora Borealis...

8K, 360-degree Video of the Aurora Borealis and Lunar Eclipse in Fairbanks

The Aurora Borealis and Lunar Eclipse in Fairbanks, Alaska last week. 8K. 360-degree video. Mind blowing.
March 3, 2018/by Jim
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