Rhinos are NOT Fat Unicorns: Superbowl 52 LX System Plot

I'm glad to post a really cool system diagram PDF -- PRG's lighting…
February 12, 2018/by Jim

$200 OFF for Avolites LDI 2017 Offsite Training!

If you're on the JimOnLight networks, you've probably seen this…
November 11, 2017/by Jim

Jim On Open Heart Surgery

On October 23, 2017, I'm going to be having open heart surgery.…
October 17, 2017/by Jim

Sniper Kills 50+, Wounds 400+ in Vegas Concert Shooting

"He opened fire on a crowd of more than 22,000 concert goers."…
October 2, 2017/by Jim

Happy 15th Birthday, InLight Gobos! 15% OFF ALL MONTH!

Today is an awesome day, because it's the birthday of my favorite…
August 1, 2017/by Jim

Light Artist Jay Shinn is up for a CODAWORX Award!

Our industry's own bad ass gobo maker InLight Gobos supplied…
June 28, 2017/by Jim


Ok, so do you?  Do you know Rick Hutton?

Rick is one…
June 14, 2017/by Jim

Terrorists Bomb Ariana Grande Concert, 22 Dead

UPDATE, 15:08, 24 May 2017.
I'm sorry folks, I just couldn't…
May 23, 2017/by Jim

Caveat Emptor: Have You Been Following the #FyreFestival?!

Were you a Fyre Festival Production contractor or employee?
May 4, 2017/by Jim

Steve Shelley Released SoftSymbols for Vectorworks 2017

I'm not a Vectorworks user, but I have used it in the past.  But…
April 7, 2017/by Jim

3D Printed DIY Night Vision Wins the Internet Today

I'm a huge fan of the DIY laser ablation scene, I have been wanting…
April 3, 2017/by Jim

JOL Sunday Flickr #34

Volume 34 of the Sunday JimOnLight Flickr Group photo pool.  This…
April 2, 2017/by Jim
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