Genielux is HERE, Today!


Mike Zinman has released another something awesome – an app for iPhone that finds gear for rent or purchase, wherever you are.  Meet Genielux:


From the ZinmanCo press release:

LONG BEACH, CA – The Zinman Company, a technology leader in iPhone applications for the entertainment industry, announces the worldwide launch of GENIELUX™. GENIELUX allows users to quickly and efficiently search the inventory of rental and sales companies around the world by type of equipment, location, and distance from the user.

The initial launch will allow vendors such as production companies, rental or hire houses, or individuals with rental or sales inventory to list their gear in the worldwide database. The second phase in February 2010 will launch the searchable database and the free iPhone application. The database will include lighting, control, audio, video, rigging, special effects, and more. For a limited time, new listings will be upgraded to a Featured Listing for no extra charge.

“GENIELUX is the ideal tool to quickly locate any piece of gear in the world, whether it’s lighting, control, audio, video, or even rigging or special effects,” said Michael Zinman, President and CTO of The Zinman Co. “This application saves critical time in the production process and when the iPhone app is launched it will allow you instant access anywhere your phone works.”

The application is free to users. Equipment listings are $2 per month for a standard listing and $12 per month for a featured listing. A single listing can include an unlimited amount of gear. All listings purchased before February 1 will be upgraded to a Featured Listing for no extra charge. For more information, visit

Mike has released the actual iPhone app today – people, if you have a product to rent or sell in the lighting world, pay the two bucks and get your name in Genielux! Get the Genielux app, FREE, here.

Genielux is Taking Flight – Beta Testing Now!

Mike Zinman just sent me an email saying that his new venture, Genielux, has hit the ground running – and he needs people with equipment for sale or rent to sign up, for free for a limited time, over at the Genielux website.  This thing is gonna be pretty darned snazzy, methinks – we’ve been needing something like this for a while now.

The site is in beta right now, and Mike’s looking for people with available equipment inventory to sign up, for free again (see, I used the keyword free, so that’s twice now).  Go over to Genielux and list your sale or rental equipment!

Mike sent me this info – a promo and info on signing up:


Imagine — your entire inventory on demand around the world, 24/7.

This is Genielux.
Genielux is a new breed of search. A smarter, quicker, easier and much more accurate search engine for the entertainment market. You may manage a company with a large inventory, or own a small boutique with specialized inventory, or you might be an individual that owns and operates a single piece of gear. No matter how big or small your inventory is, there’s a place for you on Genielux.

The website is
Click on Sign Up Today

Your coupon code is: 48635836
This code expires 1/1/2010

After you have entered the promotional code and completed the registration, you will receive a confirmation email. It will say “You will be billed $2 USD monthly for your order (ID# xx).” But you will be charged nothing with this coupon. You won’t even have to enter your credit card information. The $2.00 charge per month is what the cost is to join without the code.

It’s very important that I get your feedback on your likes and dislikes about the signup process. If you have any suggestions or comments, I’d love to hear them. After all, this is what testing a product is all about.

What Is Genielux?
Genielux is a comprehensive resource for producers, designers, and industry professionals to easily find rental gear and to purchase entertainment equipment anywhere in the world. Vendors can create an online company profile which includes their sales and rental inventory. Visitors can search for a specific piece of gear by model and geographic location. Genielux searches the extensive database and displays a list of companies by location matching gear for hire or sale.

Mike Zinman’s TCP/IP Remote Update – Free for Software Owners


Mike Zinman, the guy who writes all of the awesome iPhone lighting software that we all love has released a free update to his TCP/IP Remote app.  TCP/IP Remote is a net remote for anything you can connect to – lighting consoles, media servers, projectors, home automation – if it has a TCP/IP interface, you can control it.

Here’s a press release:

Zinman Software has updated TCP/IP Remote v2.0, now available on the iTunes App Store. Many new improvements have been made; including better user customizations to the GUI, unlimited pages of Macros, unlimited pages of Terminal/Remote views & buttons, ability to edit buttons inside the App, plus much many new features.

Version 2.0 is a free upgrade to existing version of TCP/IP Remote.

About TCP/IP Remote:

For IT professionals, systems integrators, and anyone looking for customizable control of any software or hardware capable of TCP/IP communications.

Use TCP/IP Remote to control video projectors, lighting and media systems, home automation and much more.

For more information, please visit Zinman Software online @

Thanks, Mike!

Anniversary Week on – Friday Giveaways, and Grand Prize!


Today is the last day of the week of giveaways – it’s been a great week, hundreds of people have commented, twittered, and just plain been awesome.  Thank you so much for every single one of your wonderful comments – I love writing this stuff as much as you love reading it!  I read the metrics for the site daily, and you guys are the most dedicated readership a blogger could ever want!

I want to give my best, loudest, and most energetic screams of appreciation to the people who provided the merchandise we were able to you awesome readers:

Last but certainly not least, Shannon Dudley at Inkblot Creative for the fabulous site design, and my awesome wife for the code!

Thanks a lot for reading – I promise to keep giving you the best news I can find.

Friday Winners – two Zinman software 3-Packs (iSwitch DMX, PocketLD, and GelCalc), two 9-LED flashlights, one BMI Supply t-shirt, and one license of Zinman’s ML Finder PRO software!

Zinman 3-pack:
Dominic from Seattle
Zinman 3-pack:
Aron Altmark
9-LED flashlight:
Ofir Dori
9-LED flashlight:
Noah on the Goah
BMI Supply t-shirt:
Greg Owen
ML Finder PRO:
David Atkinson

And FINALLY – the Grand Prize Winner – who will be awarded with a lux meter from Mastech, a $20 coupon for the store (ie, a free t-shirt!!) a full Zinman software suite (iSwitch DMX, PocketLD, GelCalc, and ML Finder PRO), a BMI Supply t-shirt, and a 16-LED flashlight!

Congratulations, Colin Riebel, you’re the grand prize winner!

Thank you for reading, everyone! New stuff coming up and daily articles, as always! Winners, I’ll be contacting you all in the next few days, so make sure that jim [at] is not getting thrown into your SPAM folder!

ML Finder PRO from Mike Zinman – Moving Light Application for iPhone

A new one from Zinman Software – ML Finder Pro, an iPhone app geared towards choosing moving lights from Mike’s database of fixtures.  Some info:

Key Features:

• Over 500 devices included in the database
• Search by Maker & Model using the search & scroll bars
• Explore color, gobo and FX systems for each device
• View ranges (DMX values for a parameter)
• Know how many channels each device uses; in any mode
• Discover the channels and values to Shutdown, Reset, Lamp Off and Lamp On devices
• Easily identify 8bit & 16bit parameters
• Filter & display the type of parameters that you’re looking for
• Free Upgrades

More Features Coming Soon:
• Find the closest rental house that has any selected fixture available for rent via your current GPS location or by Zip Code and/or Country.
• Compare multiple fixtures
• Weight & power consumption

Watch the video and learn more online at
Here’s a direct link to the iTunes App Store
Follow us on Twitter!

Nice, Mike!


Advertiser Shout-Out: Mike Zinman and ZinmanCo

When I have advertisers, I like to give them a shout-out once a month.  This month’s advertiser is Mike Zinman of ZinmanCo – the guy who has brought a lot of great software to the market, starting way, way back with AutoBlock for AutoCAD.

ZinmanCo has produced several very good pieces of iPhone software lately – iSwitch and iSwitch DMX are very fantastic dipswitch calculators, and when you’re sitting in a scissor lift trying to calculate dipswitch addresses on the back of a Cyberlight, are well worth five bucks.  Portfolio, one of Mike’s newest creations, is an iPhone based portfolio that helps you carry your design life on your iPhone.  TCP/IP Remote is a good remote connectivity program.  GelCalc helps you calculate sheet, cut, and size calculations for a ton of fixtures, and PocketLD is a beam calculator, intensity calculator, and desk reference rolled into one.  Mike Zinman’s work is great.  Go check out his line at iTunes!

Mike Zinman and ZinmanCo’s iPhone Offerings on iTunes

Zinman’s TCP/IP Remote is Out Now!

I posted a few days ago about Mike Zinman’s new iPhone product, TCP/IP Remote.  Well, it’s available now, and he’s got it for $4.99!

Go get it!  Download TCP/IP Remote from the iTunes Store.

ZinmanCo’s PocketLD 1.1 Released

Mike Zinman from ZinmanCo – the guy who brought you great iPhone lighting products like GelCalc, iSwitch DMX, and PocketLD has updated PocketLD to version 1.1 – updated fixture libraries, manufacturer links, and all kinds of other great stuff.

Check out Mike’s iPhone Lighting Apps store, and get PocketLD 1.1 here (direct iTunes Store link).

I had a chance to sit down and interview Mike at LDI this year – more on that soon, as I get some time to transcribe the interview.

PocketLD, from Mike Zinman and The Zinman Co.

Mike Zinman, creator of iSwitch (the dipswitch calculator), GelCalc (the color filter calculator), and excellent titles like AutoBlock for AutoCAD has released yet another awesome iPhone program – Pocket LD for iPhone.  First and foremost, if you’re an LD and need touch-of-the-finger photometrics calculations and fixture database info, just go buy it right now.  It’s ten bucks.

The official release:

Michael Zinman, developer of iSwitch DMX and GelCalc! for the iPhone & iPod Touch announces its latest release, PocketLD.
PocketLD is a database and calculation tool for theatrical and TV/Film lighting professionals.
Simply enter your throw distance, than select manufacturer, fixture and a lamp to calculate beam/field diameter and fc/lux.
Fixture & Lamp Database Includes:

-Beam and/or Field Angles
-Lamp Code
-Color Temperature
-Lamp Hours
-Candela Multiplication Factor
-Website URL (touch to open site within the App!)
Manufacturers Include:
-Altman Stage Lighting
-Altman Stage Lighting TV/Fim; including HID
-Arri; including HID
-Strand Lighting
-Strand Lighting TV/Fim; including HID
-and Generic PAR lamps
More Features:
-Access the manufacturers website by touching on their respective URL link within the App.
-Free upgrades include new fixture & lamp libraries.
More Information:
-Additional screen shots and a video demo can be viewed at
-PocketLD can be purchased for $9.99 via the iTunes App Store or by following this link…
-Questions can be directed to Michael Zinman at