The Daily Lamp – LogLamp from Jari Nyman and Olli Mustikainen


Talk about minimalist, this must be the week of minimalist brain waves in the designer department!  This is a lamp based on a log in a fireplace; you push down on it to turn it on, it lights up.  Push down on it again, off it goes.

Meet LogLamp, from Finn designers Jari Nyman and Olli Mustikainen:

LogLamp from Jussi Peso on Vimeo.

From the websites of Jari Nyman and Olli Mustikainen:

LOG lamp. Inspiration has come from a burning log in a fireplace. Press the wood block down and it pops up to expose the light. Press it again and it switches the light off.
Materials: various types of wood
Finishing: wood wax



Pretty cool!

The Daily Lamp – Paul Loebach’s Shanty Lamp


A late night release of today’s Daily Lamp — today’s selection is a really ridiculously simple lamp from Paul Loebach called Shanty Lamp — and as Paul says, Shanty Lamp is “a small triangular-shaped wood lamp in yellow pine, reminiscent of a small wooden fort.”  Nothing fancy about that, right?





Shanty Lamp runs about $89 bucks, and needs a 5W lamp.  I’m assuming LED or really low power what-have-you.  Paul designed this lamp for Areaware in NYC.



Studiomama’s 1X1 Series Lamps

Nina Tolstrup had a pretty interesting idea, you have to give it to her for reuse and originality – she took some old reclaimed wooden pallets, tore them apart, milled a spot inside of the 1″ wood components, and made luminaires.

Simple, in every respect of the word!

Nina’s 1X1 series comes in the three standard forms (well, three of the four):  table lamp, hanging lamp, floor lamp.  Check out some images below, and make sure to check out Studiomama, Nina’s studio website.

1X1 Floor Lamp:

1X1 Table Lamp:

1X1 Hanging Lamp: