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This sounds a little nutty if you’re just blowing by it in my Twitter feed, but this is actually pretty cool.

Make Magazine (via Hacked Gadgets, which you need to check out) writer Ted Kinsman posted an article about a pretty cool way to photograph water droplets at high speeds using a homemade Mariotte’s Bottle device and some circuit applications.  Easy and peasy, actually — try it yourself!

you know, in all of that spare time you have between job/home/family/life…


From Make Magazine:

Ted posted this photo of the rig:


The Drip Rig


You have to check out this article!

Light + Water + The Nude Human Form = Tomohide Ikeya’s Amazing Visuals

Tomohide Ikeya is an artist who works with an uncontrollable medium to achieve moments frozen in time from that world of non-compliance.  Meet Tomohide Ikeya’s water-based photography, where light, water, and the human form are introduced to express the irony of control:



From Tomohide Ikeya, about his work:

I’m a photographer who has a concept of “Control” for my work. Water is one of “uncontrolled” things which the human being never can to do. I had a lot of opportunities to think about ‘water’ with doing scuba diving in several countries as a hobby. The beauty of sunshine viewed from under water, daily life of aquatics and me as human just be able to see their world for a moment… We thought human could control water if we had lots of equipments and cared for risks in water, but human never be able to live in water. And we also never be able to live without water. Water doesn’t only give a life, but also takes a life. On the other hand, water is not the Mother of Creation or the Master of Destruction, it’s just be there as ‘water’. Water is a philosophical existence very much even be as ’just water’. I had been fascinated with water more and more and I had gotten a zeal for expression it. It is one of reasons which I became a photographer, so I have been creating my works which has a relation with water. I’m expressing “enthusiasm for life” by photography throughout the figure of Water and Human.’ – Tomohide Ikeya



These images are from both the Moon series and the Breath series.  You have to go through these two galleries, these works are absolutely amazing.  Tomohide just captures the uncontrollable properties of the water as they are creating their uncontrollable world for the humans bathing in it, and the results are outstanding.  Very amazing work, Tomohide!

A huge thanks to Tomohide Ikeya, KoiKoiKoi, and Sweet Station!


Ok… WOW!

Yeah. I could watch that gif all day. Implying that I haven’t been watching it all day, right? Riiiiight… *shifty eyes*

So what is this amazing thing? It’s Water Light Graffiti, a project by Antonin Fourneau with Jordan McRae and Guillaume Stagnaro. There were graffiti performances by Collectif Painthouse and the project was made at the ArtLab. Anyway, words fail… check it out! Thanks to the fabulous Fox for sharing this. Especially the video at the end of the post:

Solar Shower – Well, That’s Hot!


Have you ever had one of those camping showers?  I used to have one that held about five gallons – it was a black plastic bag that got hung in the sun, and it was generally pretty lame.  The handle was too stretchy, the bag got so freaking hot that you would just scald yourself when you went to discharge the water, and it was dependent on how much water was left in the bag for water pressure.  Like I said, generally lame.

My goal is to have all solar powered camping gear to have no impact on the environment, with the exception of the zillion-degree campfire that my buddies and I always make.  Fire, good.

A company called Herrington has a product that uses the same solar water heating concept – it might be a bit much for camping (as it’s two hundred bucks) but as far as concept goes, it’s pretty great.  The Solar Power Shower allows you to hook up the garden hose to it and fill up the base, giving you two hours until 140 degree water.  Use the tap on the shower to mix some garden hose water with the hot water, and mix a warm shower.  Where can you use this?  Well, anywhere you want.  I would still probably take it camping.

PS:  I didn’t have any pictures of dudes using the shower, sorry ladies.  I would have taken one of those “look how hot I am” shower pictures myself, but I wanted people to like the article.

Thanks, DVICE!

Lighting Up The Pool

Only twice in my career have I had the opportunity to throw a whole bunch of light into a swimming pool.  Once for a corporate party at an olympic sized swimming pool, and once for a rave that took place at a pool park.  Those were two of the coolest design gigs I ever had the pleasure of doing.  Water and swimming pools allow so many excellent things to be created with light.  Red light, for example, at the right angle, turns the water a murky swampy black color.  It is awesome.

I was looking at the Gadgeteer blog a few days ago, and I came across a post about these little pool lights – LED, they float around in your pool, and they make a whole bunch of hippy trippy lighting effects on the bottom of your pool.  I guess it’s getting about pool time, as temperatures slowly warm up.  Check out this really short video:


I found about three different models of these things at Amazon, between twenty bucks and fifty five bucks.  When I was a kid, we always had some kind of above-ground pool, usually 4-5 feet deep – but we would play with underwater flashlights and soda bottles for our light show.  Toys are so much cooler now.

Check these out.  These things make me want a pool!  You think they might work if I just dug a big freaking hole in my backyard and filled it up with water?  I bet my neighbors would love me for that.

The $19.99 model:  The AquaGlow Underwater Light Show


The $29.99 model #1:  The AquaGlow Underwater Kool-Light-O-Scope


The $29.99 model #2:  The AquaGlow Underwater Light Starship


The big mama $59.99 model:  The AquaGlow Underwater Light Show and Fountain


Thanks, Gadgeteer!

LDI – Aqua Visual FX

Aqua Visual FX had a great booth at LDI this year.  For those of you who don’t know about Aqua Visual FX’s products, it’s basically a water billboard, with the images and text you want displayed shot down in sheets from a top point.  All the water is in a relatiovely closed circuit system, with the water being recycled once it reaches the bottom.  You’d think that all of that water hitting the ground would make a lot of noise, but because of the baffle-like filter at the receiving end of the water, it is very quiet.  I’ve seen a few of these in use at trade shows, but LDI’s display was my favorite.

I put together a really shaky animated GIF of the pics I took of the Aqua Visual FX booth, and I’ve posted some pics below.  Check it out, and check them out.  The gif is a little large – it should load itself and stop being shaky in a few seconds…

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