Illinois Gives Good Wind – Fourth in the Nation for Wind Power Generation!


I had a chance to drive through some of the great wind fields of Illinois over the last month — Laura and I have ostensibly been vagabonding here in the US since there’s no work.

I put together a quick video on Illinois wind power — check it out, wouldja?  Share it with your friends!  Illinois, a state that sent 4 of its last 7 sitting governors to prison for corruption, is the fourth largest wind producer in the United States!  I guess you go, Illinois still works?

Illinois gives good wind!

…and on Vimeo, in case you like it there better (I have to admit I love their interface…)

Illinois Gives Good Wind! from Jim Hutchison on Vimeo.

A Quick History of ACT Lighting with Bob Gordon

Have you all seen this? ACT Lighting posted this great quick video on the history of ACT Lighting with the pres, Bob Gordon.  If you’ve ever met Bob, you’d know that he’s a pretty cool dude!

Check out this quick video history of ACT Lighting:

Also, you should subscribe to ACT Lighting’s Youtube channel, because there are tons of videos on GrandMA stuff! That is quickly becoming one of my favorite consoles, especially after hearing Cat West and Joe Cabrera talk so highly of it. Seeing Jeff Waful rock that thing several times also doesn’t hurt! If you’ve never even looked at their channel, you are missing out – the Console Cocktails series is on there too!

Ridiculous Scripted Videos: Meet the Master Electrician

Have you seen any of these videos that are made at the XtraNormal website?  They’re the ones where you submit a scripted dialogue between two characters, and the characters are computer voices that often make HILARIOUS scenarios.

If you’ve not seen any of these, you have to see this one – it’s the meeting of the house Master Electrician.  Get ready to chuckle!

You HAVE to check out more of these videos – here’s one with a scenic designer and a lighting designer talking about the upcoming show they’re both designing:

Check out XtraNormal to make your own effing hilarious situational giggle material!