Awesome Glo NightLight from ThinkGeek!

Our master safety ninja Erich Friend sent a link to this great toy from ThinkGeek’s Geek Kids section – the Glo Nightlight with Glowing Balls!  Ok, I’m not 3-7 years old (well, perhaps mentally most days) but I want one of these!  Daphne, when are we getting matching Glo NightLights?!?!?!

Check out this video – the Glo NightLight is about $80 bucks:

GAH!  I’m not supposed to like stuff like this as a 34 year old man, right?!  CRAP!  I want a whole forest floor full of these!!!

From the ThinkGeek product specs:

  • For Ages 2 and Up [SWEET FOR ME!  WOOHOO!]
  • Multi-colored interactive night light
  • Base charges up the balls, which can be removed and placed anywhere
  • No electronics in balls means they don’t get warm and they won’t break
  • Select your favorite color or let the colors circulate
  • Phosphorescent balls glow for up to 30 minutes when out of base
  • Low energy LED base
  • 9v power adapter included
  • BPA-free, Phthalate-free, PVC-free
  • Dimensions: 8.2″ x 8.5″ x 9.8″

ThinkGeek didn’t send me one of these or ask me to write this post.

A Jump Rope is Fun – But It Also Can Make Light

I love to jump rope.  I love love love it.  I grew up in an area in central Illinois where Double Dutch was THE grade school recess activity of choice – either jumping or watching.  I grew up in a financially poor area, but the kids I grew up and went to school with were rich with creativity – and when there was no rope to jump, they collected and tied bread bags together and made jump ropes with that.

I just read about a toy idea that uses kinetic energy used in jumping rope to charge an LED flash light – the toy also monitors how many “jumps” you’ve done, and how much charge you’ve given to the light.  Kinetic energy to electrical energy – I already like this thing and it’s still in concept phase.

Check out some images of designers Hyun Joo Lee and Eu Tteum Lee’s jump-rope-flashlight:

Thanks, Inhabitots!

Jump rope has come a long, long way from Butternut bags, hasn’t it?

Holy LED Umbrellas, Batman!

I just found the most ridiculous awful lit-up thing – an LED umbrella with LEDs composing the shaft of the umbrella.  That’s pretty cool in my opinion.  Now if I could only slap an effects engine into the umbrella and make the umbrella itself unrippable, then I am set!

Check out the umbrella on Brando’s website – and check out the video and pictures below.  It’s running around $50 shipped I think, which is a little rich for my blood right now.  Cool umbrella though!





Lighting Up The Pool

Only twice in my career have I had the opportunity to throw a whole bunch of light into a swimming pool.  Once for a corporate party at an olympic sized swimming pool, and once for a rave that took place at a pool park.  Those were two of the coolest design gigs I ever had the pleasure of doing.  Water and swimming pools allow so many excellent things to be created with light.  Red light, for example, at the right angle, turns the water a murky swampy black color.  It is awesome.

I was looking at the Gadgeteer blog a few days ago, and I came across a post about these little pool lights – LED, they float around in your pool, and they make a whole bunch of hippy trippy lighting effects on the bottom of your pool.  I guess it’s getting about pool time, as temperatures slowly warm up.  Check out this really short video:


I found about three different models of these things at Amazon, between twenty bucks and fifty five bucks.  When I was a kid, we always had some kind of above-ground pool, usually 4-5 feet deep – but we would play with underwater flashlights and soda bottles for our light show.  Toys are so much cooler now.

Check these out.  These things make me want a pool!  You think they might work if I just dug a big freaking hole in my backyard and filled it up with water?  I bet my neighbors would love me for that.

The $19.99 model:  The AquaGlow Underwater Light Show


The $29.99 model #1:  The AquaGlow Underwater Kool-Light-O-Scope


The $29.99 model #2:  The AquaGlow Underwater Light Starship


The big mama $59.99 model:  The AquaGlow Underwater Light Show and Fountain


Thanks, Gadgeteer!

Luminos, from Tomoaki Yanagisawa

Luminos from Tomoaki Yanagisawa sounds like it should be some kind of crazy cereal that either lights up when milk hits it, or maybe it makes your stomach glow once it’s eaten.  Instead, it’s a series of building blocks that light up in the darkness, and they’re quite cool.

From Tomoaki’s portfolio page:

Luminos are bricks in darkness. Like a candle needs a fire to light it up, Luminos, which have light sensors and LEDs, need light to turn the LEDs on.  This is a simple and intuitive interaction yet it has the possibility of complexity of a chain reaction created by configurations of Luminos like dominoes and bricks.