If Duct Tape Could Slap Your Hand Before You Apply It…

Ok, I know we’ve seen stuff much worse than this in our lifetimes as professionals working with light – but this is pretty stupendously wrong.  My buddy Erich Friend, an engineer, safety consultant, and CEO of Teqniqal Systems writes a blog about Theatre Safety at – you guessed it – the Theatre Safety Blog!  Erich posted the monstrosity below as a quick reminder on what not to do, ever.  Never.

Can you count the things wrong in this picture?


Check out The Theatre Safety Blog – Erich’s a knowledgeable dude!

The Earth and its Power Consumption

This is staggering, isn’t it?  The image below, if you click on it, gets much bigger.

earth power

Thanks to my friend Erich who runs Teqniqal Systems – a safety and engineering firm.