Sunday JimOnLight Flickr Group Photo Pool

three kings of lighting online at PLASA 2012 — Rob Sayer from, Jim Hutchison from, Justin Lang of

Happy Sunday, everybody! I’m back from PLASA 2012 in London, and I think I am finally caught up with sleep and no longer grumpy (sorry, principessa) after a grand return. I had a blast, saw some of my favorite people, met new favorite people, and didn’t sleep much! As usual, a standard trade show experience.

I signed into Flickr this morning to write a Sunday Flickr Group post, and I nearly jumped out of my chair with excitement.  This was an AWESOME day to check out the Pool!  Lots and lots of great images were just added by a bunch of great photogs and light artists — it’s totally worth a few minutes’ worth of black background photo gazing!

Check out today’s selection — it’s huge!

"Love" Light Graffiti


The Lenser Orb Challenge

Tree and Me - Brimham Rocks

N.D.B.C - I'M SEXY I KNOW IT - Today's Explore at #1 on Fluidr



Metal & Light


Oriole Park, Toronto

Face Down Olympic Gold!

Sunset Showoff.


The Calamari Sisters' Big Fat Italian Wedding

Deference of the Departed

A Chorus Line Rendering

Happy Sunday! I hope it is a relaxing and very chill one for each and every one of you out there!

Sunday JimOnLight Flickr Group Photo Pool

Pardon the little extended vacation there folks — me and the boys at CAST Software just put out Vivien 2012, and wysiwyg R29 is shortly to arrive.  Holy shit is it a lot of work making software.  I also headed down to Nashville last week for the PLASA Focus Nashville show, which rocked!  I had a blast hanging out with my two bosses and the wonderful mix of people that came to get their PLASA Focus on.  I am really digging these shows.  It’s almost as if the smaller variety of the shows gives you a chance to actually talk to the vendors and learn about their wares.  I’m really digging it.  Plus, it’s always great to see Jackie and David!

A pretty cool selection of Flickr Group photos is below — happy Sunday, everyone!

Rainbow and Sunlight, Yorkshire Dales (Explored)

Corner Brook Canada Day

Mercy Me


N.D.B.C - I'M SEXY I KNOW IT - Today's Explore at #1 on Fluidr

when will it end?

Road Kill - FDT

Beam Me Up

Sunday JimOnLight Flickr Group Photo Post

This is a particularly sad weekend in world events.  I find solace in the fact that tomorrow we will wake up and have another day on this planet — or we won’t.  My hope is always that reach way out of the mainstream and deep into the realm of the Third World, as it is so pitifully called; unfortunately, if you’re reading this today, you’re probably having first world problems.  Something not to forget in our own country is that we have lots of Third World sections of America — I always wonder how we can live in a world where some people have cutlery made from gold, and others don’t even have a certainty of a meal today.

Another stage collapse this weekend — this time in Toronto for a Radiohead show.  One dead, three wounded.

UN monitors have been pulled out of the Syrian state this weekend.  This is a huge deal if you’re not watching the news lately.  Bashar Al Assad has increasingly being accused of ethnic cleansing in his country.  Now that the monitors from the United Nations have been recalled from the country, let’s hope that we don’t see another situation like we’ve seen over the last few decades like we did in Rwanda.  Let’s hope that this doesn’t take the turn of what General Dallaire saw in Rwanda — when the UN was pulled out of Rwanda, 800,000 people died.  That’s right, I said 800,000 people were murdered.  It might be impossible to get an accurate figure of those killed since the uprising in Syria started, but the gist of the figures are near the 30,000 dead mark.  Almost 182,000 refugees have been made from people having to leave the fighting in Syria.

We may call ourselves a civilization, but we’re nowhere near civilized.  Make a loud noise — if it’s loud enough, others will make noise too.  We can stop this if we’re loud enough.



Light Painting Tools - Illuminated


A touch of light from the moon ° Series

Light in The Subway - Canyoneering in Zion National Park

Quality of Light


Light & Shadow


Sunday Flickr Group Photo Pool

I have been doing a lot of sitting on my couch when I’m not at work; I generally spend my off-work time working on articles and doing my own personal research in light.  I think I’m losing some of my social skills!  While at home, I typically like to have a movie or something going for background noise, it helps me concentrate.

I watched a movie this weekend while I was writing some JOL that was put out in 2007 — Danny Boyle’s Sunshine.  I have to say that I watched it already twice this weekend, that movie was awesome.  I love that disaster movie genre, I think I picked that up from Leia.  This movie has a pretty serious undertone, it’s about having to start a second mission to re-ignite the sun, which has basically almost gone out.  The visuals are unbelievable, especially if you see it either on a movie screen or in BluRay, it’s going to be great.  It’s all in space, which is also pretty great, and there are explosions and dangers.  As far as action movies go, that’s a pretty cool combination.  I don’t really want to say anything about it, it’s something that is going to rock your eyes when you see it.

If you need to spoil it for yourself, here’s a review at the New York Times, but I say just go watch the movie.

But enough about my recent favorite movie plugs, check out this week’s Sunday Flickr Group Photo Pool post!

Beautiful textured lamps


lights & things that we use

Lighting Example for Mari

BAD halogen


My Toronto apartment ceiling

Squinty Bridge

photo 2-4

Looks like Daphne is having a blast lately!

Sunday JimOnLight Flickr Group Photo Pool

Wow, I am absolutely awake right now, watching Inside Job.  I have been working my tail feathers off — you ever get where your sleep schedule is just off because you’re too tired to sleep?

I saw a movie today that I think nobody but me thought was absolutely awesome – The Divide, with Michael Biehn and Lauren German about a post-apocalyptic environment.  This movie is some freaky deep sh*t, people.  Get ready for some crazy insane completely wacko direction (which should be taken as a compliment) and it’s a scenic and lighting designer’s very deep dark dream.  This movie has really, really bad reviews, but I thought it rocked.  I’m serious, people hated this movie!  HAHA!  I say give it a chance, it’s a pretty great Saturday afternoon rainy day movie, but you better watch something with kittens in it afterwards.  Maybe eat some confetti frosting cupcakes or something too, it’s like watching The Road.  GAAAAH!

Side note for those of you who haven’t seen The Road — if you think you’re tough and all, you’re going to cry during and after The Road.  Prepare accordingly.

Check out some of these awesome Sunday Flickr Group images — this is going to be a creative week, I can smell it!



Lollapalooza 2011



string house demo

Mankato Rooftop


There is something so outstanding about this one below. Well done, Eric.


Randall really caught this next moment, methinks.  Good work, man.

A Chorus Line

Thanks Rebecca Wang for the “Divide” movie poster!

Sunday JimOnLight Flickr Pool

Well, I’m in Canada!  I finally got my visa, as you might have read earlier this week.  I’m working my ass off up here, we have lots in the pan right now.  I’m also writing and working on the first JimOnLight TV episode, and let me tell you – I am not a video editor by trade.  It is some hard shit that takes tons of time!  Ask Jeff Waful!

Hahaa as far as my romantic life?  I think there is a good saying for that:  “It is only once that you’ve hit rock bottom that you bounce.”  I think I should go out more.

HEY HEY!  SUNDAY JIMONLIGHT FLICKR POOL!  Check out this week’s gems!

Hanging lamp

in the heat of the fired wing we rise again...

Tate Modern

Lady Justice

Piano Stomp


Paris Exposition: night view, Paris, France, 1900

Sunday Flickr Pool Photos

Sunday morning (n):  the time when some people, me included, drag their tired asses out of bed and make some coffee, look at the Internet, and generally plot the course for the week.

Check out some excellent choices from the Flickr Group Photo Pool!  Happy Sunday, everyone!  This morning’s choice is a dark roast, Sumatran, with a slight side order of hangover.  Just a slight one.

Beautiful colors

Patterned light, a la plastic cup.

Climbing Truss

Marble Lamp


eye beam

Cardiff Bay

Sunday Flickr Pool Photos

It’s an interesting day here in Oklahoma City, as it’s January and feels like April.  Yeah.  I can’t wait to get out of this state, we do not like each other!

On the other side of the rainbow, there are some excellent Flickr Group photos today!  The first one just gives me the shivers because of the depth of the silver in the grain.  Beautiful.

Dear mama


Long Exposure

Boston Thunderstorm

Lines of Continuity