Sunday Flickr Group Photo Pool

It’s been a busy week, with another on the way.  If you’re in the midwest, how’s this heat we’ve been getting toasted every day with doing for you?

Yeah.  I can’t wait for winter.  When winter gets here, I can’t wait for summer.  Humans.

Check out some beautiful shots in this week’s episode of the JimOnLight,.com Flickr Group Photo Pool – make sure to give the photographers some love if you like a shot – each image links back to that specific Flickr photog’s page.  The web is an amazing place, I cannot imagine how art and photography and light would be if we couldn’t use it.  There’s all kinds of craziness going on in the world right now, and despotic governments all over the world are cutting off their people’s access to the internet – if you’re free and you want to help support someone in another country who’s fighting for their freedom, let’s all band together for the sake of humanity through art!

Herbert George Ponting and telephoto apparatus, Antarctica, January 1912

Ploumanach Phare

riders on the storm

the beauty in layers

Light Onitsuka Tiger

Glorious Morning Startrail

World's Largest Disco 2010

Plano, trees.

E = m c²  [Explored]


Have a great week, everybody!

Sunday Flickr Group Photo Pool

Some beautiful shots this week!

I’m preparing for a hot night of watching The Seagull outside in the Theatre at Myriad Gardens here in Oklahoma City.  I’m lighting their season, we’re into the second show.  We’ve also unfortunately experiencing a heat wave, and temperatures have been soaring in the 100’s.  I cannot even fathom how the rest of July and August are going to be when it’s already into the mid 100’s.  It’s gonna still be 98 degrees when we do focus call tonight.  Aww yeah, living the dream!

Check out this week’s awesomeness:


1st official tacky light tool test 2

Lagoon Nebula M8 in Hydrogen Alpha

Devon Tower construction - May 21


Sun Fishing - Lưới trời lồng lộng

layers of confusion




Sunday Flickr Pool

Fantastic shots.  This week is all about color and shadow – I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed seeing them.

Oh, something awesome to share – for designers, this is about the coolest Flickr tool ever.  We all have @lekogirl (Daphne) to thank for this, as she sent me the link.  Check out the Multicolr Search Lab.  You will not regret it.

Montreal Convention Center

Montreal Convention Center


Sunday Flickr Pool

Another Sunday, another great round of Flickr Group photos!  Amazing photographers have been contacting me lately via email, sending tons of work my way that showcases light.  If you’re a light lover too, send me an email so I can share your work with the world of people who also need their lux loving!

exercise n. 1

Scaff #2 after the fireworks

solo performance

With roots above

Sunset in Buffalo



Sunday Flickr Pool Post

Wow.  The Flickr Group is kinda exploding lately!  Lots of really amazing photographers are posting their light captures in the pool – get your tush on over there and check it out!

So many amazing images this week – definitely more than five.  Make sure to check out the rest of the pool, and give these photographers some traffic!


Christmas at DePaul

on the wings of a bird

peak lighting


VL3000 for IOC Lighting

Amanda Durbin Shoot


Amazing!  It is no wonder why I love light so freaking much.