Whoa! 1979 Video On Electrical Substation Safety

For the life of me, I cannot figure out where I found this link, but I just came across a video from a UK public service announcement on children playing around electrical service substations.  Talk about dramatic, and freaky!  But seriously kids, stay out of these places, you’ll die.

Check out the video:

What did we learn?  Electrical substation complexes are monsters that eat children.

I’ve Missed You, Blog!


I’ve been crushing it the last few days on two lighting designs, and I spent the whole night last night finishing up the rest of the work.  My blogging suffered for a few days there, and thanks to my wife for contributing when I was driving across the country.  There’s a lot on the ol’ plate right now!  Did I mention I’m going to SWEDEN in August for a year?!

To show you my appreciation, more free stuff!  I’m going to start up another contest on Monday – courtesy of Cat West and her lovely website, Console Trainer.  Cat, you rock.  Watch her PSA on two-handed programming, prepare to laugh.

Free stuff!  I still have to announce the winner of the RAM contest – coming soon!