Prism Power – the ROGUE RH1 Hybrid Product Video


I love programming these videos.  I get to work with a real video badass in this market, Todd Murray, who is just one talented mopho, and that is a fact.  Better yet, he’s not a douche about it.  What a surprise, a non-douche yet really talented artist!

Check out our latest, the product video for the ROGUE RH1 Hybrid from CHAUVET Professional.  Programming by me, videography by Todd Murray, Josh (Jaybles) Berlant, and Bryan Adams.  But not that Bryan, OUR Bryan.

PRISMA 1666 – the Id of Sir Issac Newton

Have you seen the interactive exhibit called PRISMA 1666?  Well hold on to your knickers, you’re about to see it:

So. What do you think?  PRISMA 1666 is a collaboration between the two firms SuperNature Design and WonWei (which, I have to admit, gave me a bit of a journey to find out exactly what it is they do).  From the SuperNature Design site on the project:

In 1666, Sir Isaac Newton conducted a famous experiment that has been widely considered as a landmark discovery in the study of optics and color theory. Inspired by this discovery, PRISMA1666 is a light interactive installation consists of 15 triangular crystal blocks distributed randomly on a clean white surface. Projection of colorful graphics is refracted and dispersed by these crystal blocks, creating a fascinating visual experience and performance.

Ok, excellent.  Check out these shots of the exhibit from the WonWei website on the project:

It needs to be said that the project was done with OpenFrameworks.  YOU MUST SEE what this is – it is OPEN SOURCE.

Awesome project, SuperNature and WonWei!