JOL Sunday Flickr #31

As many times as I write this post, I always see something new in the material.  I love sharing these works with the world.  Do you ever check out the JimOnLight Flickr Group?

SVO Always Near

Sortidor d'aigüa

Sometimes nature needs no filter. #nofilter

Shooting Star

Lake Alexandrina Sunrise


Dead Sea & Holy Light

Light up the dark!

Light and shadow

Light and Shadow


The Mudhouse

Sunrise at Taylors Mistake B.efore O.ptics---

---swefog - live t26 evo2---


light trails

Lollapalooza 2011

the beauty in layers

I hope one of these motivates you somehow creatively.  Have an amazing remainder of your Sunday.

JOL Sunday Flickr #29

Another week passes:

  • Another week of awakes and sleeps
  • Another week of real light and darkness
  • Another week of human light and darkness
  • Another week of living the dream

Every time I look through the photos on the JOL Flickr Group, I live other peoples’ dreams across the world.  I feel I could write a novel on what a photograph gives me in content and ideas.

Check out some of my favorite photos from the group…  and if you’re not subscribed to the group, please do, we’d love to have you.

I love photos.

JOL Sunday Flickr #28


Do you Flickr?  Are you still adding lots of your photos to the social photo sharing site of record?

We would hope that you would feel welcome to join the JimOnLight Flickr Group and share your awesome photos of light!  Check out this Sunday’s offerings from a great group of photogs sharing their lumen captures…  make sure to pay tribute and visit the pages of each shot, they’ earned it!

JOL Sunday Flickr #14

it’s another Sunday, which means another week of Mondays is coming fast.  How was your weekend?  Was it all that you wanted it to be?

Here’s another installment of the JOL Sunday Flickr — which I have been informed recently is a big hit in the European community!

Superstudio Group - Via Tortona - Fuori Salone

Celestial Strands

This is normal, right?

Light in The Subway - Canyoneering in Zion National Park

Anti Tank Domes



Kaleidoscope Event



laser FX designed by Rick Hutton

Glorious Morning Startrail

JOL Sunday Flickr #13


It’s a fine rainy Sunday here in Toronto, and it’s another fine episode of the JimOnLight Flickr Group!  Enjoy some excellent photographers’ choices in the JOL Flickr pool while you’re enjoying this fine Sunday afternoon!

Euroluce '13 Il paralume Marina

Squinty Bridge



A Chorus Line

lumen on glowstick night

Let’s play What’s Wrong with This Picture?
What's wrong with this picture?

JOL Sunday Flickr

It’s that time again, wonderful JOL readers across the world!  I have a collection of Flickr Group photos that will be sure to excite and inspire!  Well, I’m inspired, at least!

But seriously, I love to provide the world with beautiful things to look at, and these photos are certainly that.  Please pay the photographers some heed and go check out their photostreams, it’s important, support the art!

Lumen Christi




Chicago Theater

Ben Folds Five

Mr Baley



Bokeh Orbs

hide and seek

Gracie's thinking WTF

Blue Fear

BlueOrb ELWire BluelaHoop Combo

Inner Space Explosion

JOL Sunday Flickr #3

Another Sunday, another time to take a moment for some excellent digital photo art, complete with light!

Well, that’s kind of a redundant statement obviously…

Check out this Sunday’s installment of the new and improved (somehow, I think this is sarcasm on my part) JOL Sunday Flickr, in this case being episode 3!  Everything ever posted here comes from the JimOnLight Flickr Group Photo Pool, which has lots of beautiful work submitted by photogs and light artists across the globe!  All of the photos are All Rights Reserved for the photographer, protected by Flickr and Creative Commons.  Don’t forget!

Anti Tank Domes

Chicago Airport - 1

Periaktoi Light Boxes

Lyon in the Evening


Circle Circus

The Mothership

Marble Lamp



colors on a backdrop

Camera Toss 81

Alberto Rionda (Avalanch)

Museumnacht 2008

Devil's Advocate

Have a great Sunday, everybody!

JOL Sunday Flickr

Writers among us all here might appreciate this more than others, but every Sunday that I write the Sunday JimOnLight Flickr Pool Photo Post, I always wonder to myself quietly [screaming] “how the f*ck did I title it last week?  Sunday Flickr Pool Post?  Sunday Flickr Pool Photo Group Post or some f–” you get the idea.  I think today I will start the trend of calling this post — *ahem* — JOL Sunday Flickr.

<dog fart>

Carrying right along here, I dug deep into the well for this Sunday’s JOL Sunday Flickr.  Have you ever just put the window on background black and flipped through the JimOnLight Flickr Group photos?

Nocturna Luminaria



4 of 365:  radiometer


The Mothership


Glorious Morning Startrail

the laser on the roof

Christmas at DePaul 2010

World's Largest Disco 2010

and my personal Sunday favorite:


Stunning and Scary Image from the London Riots

I was thumbing through The Guardian this afternoon, and I came across a series of photos taken by a photographer named Amy Weston.  Before anything else, just look at these three photographs – the light is so intense, the story it tells is of horror:


Holy sh*t, people.  Those images are Amy Weston’s experience photographing a woman jumping from a burning flat building in London during these crazy riots that are happening.  Crazy?  Yes.  The crazy part comes from the destruction that takes place, because whatever voice you had before the riot is now gone because some people who like breaking stuff screwed it up for everybody.  I said it, just like in Toronto recently when the black face mask people kicked in windows and generally caused a bunch of chaos.  People who want to have their voices heard en masse really get screwed when the troublemakers turn it into a criminal enterprise.

A side note:  the last time I was in Croydon it was to prep a show in the Fourth Phase UK lighting shop.  Remember Fourth Phase?

my dimmer racks

From the article at The Guardian:

The photographer who took the shot of a woman leaping from a burning building in Croydon used on five national newspaper front pages on Tuesday has told of the mayhem as she captured one of the most dramatic shot of the riots.

Amy Weston had been told there were fires in the Church Street area of Croydon near Surrey Street market and was driving to the scene when she heard screaming by some shops that were in flames.

“There were six or seven people screaming and crying outside, and they looked like they lived at the flats that were burning. The flats were above small independent shops,” said Weston, who works for the London-based Wenn picture agency.

“A man in a white shirt was screaming that a girl was at the window and that she was ready to jump. He ran towards her but riot police had appeared and pulled him back, and they went to her instead.

“As soon as she dropped, the crowds pushed back and there was no way to see what happened to her. I remember hearing people screaming that there were more people in the building. The crowds started getting angry with each other, with one group blaming another group for starting the fire.

Let’s hope those people and any other people harmed in these riots make it through to see the next day.

Thanks to the Guardian and to Huffington Post.

Sunday Flickr Group Photo Pool

It’s been a busy week, with another on the way.  If you’re in the midwest, how’s this heat we’ve been getting toasted every day with doing for you?

Yeah.  I can’t wait for winter.  When winter gets here, I can’t wait for summer.  Humans.

Check out some beautiful shots in this week’s episode of the JimOnLight,.com Flickr Group Photo Pool – make sure to give the photographers some love if you like a shot – each image links back to that specific Flickr photog’s page.  The web is an amazing place, I cannot imagine how art and photography and light would be if we couldn’t use it.  There’s all kinds of craziness going on in the world right now, and despotic governments all over the world are cutting off their people’s access to the internet – if you’re free and you want to help support someone in another country who’s fighting for their freedom, let’s all band together for the sake of humanity through art!

Herbert George Ponting and telephoto apparatus, Antarctica, January 1912

Ploumanach Phare

riders on the storm

the beauty in layers

Light Onitsuka Tiger

Glorious Morning Startrail

World's Largest Disco 2010

Plano, trees.

E = m c²  [Explored]


Have a great week, everybody!