JOL Sunday Flickr #16

We’re coming to you from Durham, Ontario this week for the JOL Sunday Flickr, soon to be heading to the USA for some nice, warm Dallas SUNSHINE! I’m just not used to Winter lasting until mid-May.

This week’s JOL Sunday Flickr is made possible by Barbizon Lighting, who loves this industry just as much as we here at Thanks, Barbizon!


Abstract colored lights in motion

Abstract motion lights

Lighted Cherry Blossoms and Bright Roads


Philips Entertainment at LDI 2012 -- VL1000 rocking

Abstract motion lights

Natural light - Clouds @ 35000 ft @ sunrise - chicagbw-500

Abstract lights flower

more cheap video

video video

VER at LDI 2012

AirStar at LDI 2012

baggy pantaloons...

JOL Sunday Flickr #15

This is a crazy day — Laura and I are packing up the Toronto offices today, getting ready for our move back to the USA!  The next few weeks will be fairly busy, as we’re staying in Durham, Ontario for a week or so before we head to see family in Peoria, Illinois.  Laura’s only allowed to visit until we get all of her visa stuff approved, so we’re dreading but accepting the fact that we’re going to have some time spent apart while we make sure that we don’t overstay her visa.

Talk about sh*t you never thought you’d have to do!

Today’s JOL Sunday Flickr is awesome — go give these great photogs some love!  Stop by the JimOnLight Flickr Group photo pool and give your eyes some lovin!


Lights in Alingsås #1

Dark circle of light

- lights -

Lights Travelling With London Underground

London, Light in Architecture

UK - London - Design Museum - Wallpiercing 08 - blue sq

UK - London - Design Museum - Wallpiercing 05 - red and yellow

Light on!

JOL Sunday Flickr #11


Back after a few days in rural Ontario with my lovely and awesome wife, and we’re into another episode of JOL Sunday Flickr!  I’m sitting here on the couch with my little adorable dogger and my Laura watching Blood Diamond with Leo DiCaprio and Jennifer Connelly.  Laura has not seen a lot of the American movies that I love to watch when I write, and today’s episode is no exception.  If you haven’t seen Blood Diamond, you need to get it!

Check out some excellent shots from the Flickrverse — the JimOnLight Flickr Group Photo Pool!

A Windowlight (window light) portrait / black and white portrait / Black & White / BW / Portrait / black / background / white / : IMGP6898

Ball of Light - Loves the Night

A photo that expresses the importance of spelling…

Mercy Me

Mercy Me

N.D.B.C - I'M SEXY I KNOW IT - Today's Explore at #1 on Fluidr

philippines   (  explore  )

Layers of Arches

A touch of light from the moon ° Series


Doors Open on the Right

some InLight Gobos custom work

I wish you a very excellent week!

JOL Sunday Flickr #10


This has been a great week.

I got married to a wonderful lady who loves me so much.
I got a lot of things done from the Grand List of Things.
I went through about 200gb of video content that I have not had a chance to touch because of my full-time work.
I took a few moments to smell the flowers.

It always makes me feel so great to take a look through the great art that gets added to the JOL Flickr Group Photo Pool every week, I am truly humbled by such passionate, interesting light work!  Check out this week’s offering:

No-Shirts Basket Lights

City of Angels


Writing with Light


Just One Night

Palacio Real de Madrid

Luci in piazza San Carlo

sushi samba at heron tower


Until next week… JimOnLight as a 21-year-old kid:
Me:  The Rockstar Years

JOL Sunday Flickr #9


It’s Sunday morning, which means it’s time to check out some awesome images of light!

Are you a Flickr user?  Do you like photographs of stuff that deals with light?  Then please – by all means, join the JimOnLight Flickr Group!  It’s completely free!  All it does is give, and it loves its job!

My Light Tools


Chasing the light

Chorea Luminum

Shadow Shelter



Adventure Booth

Nocturna Luminaria


JOL Sunday Flickr #8

Another week and another JOL Sunday Flickr!  I went old-school this week, digging down from the first few days of the Flickr Group.  Ah, the memories!


In-Car Monaro Light Trails - Image 6


Inner Space Explosion

Backstage Lights

Museumnacht 2008


deep blue - Sonnenuntergang in Assamstadt

white man can jump

Light MK1 Special


JOL Sunday Flickr #7


Have you been inside of the JimOnLight Flickr Group Photo Pool lately?!  There is some crazy beautiful stuff inside of there!


Bottom Dweller - FDT


Sunset Showoff.

Mr Baley

Grenoble at Night (From the Bastille)

A Chours Line


Adventure Booth

Make sure to give these photogs some props, people!

Sunday JimOnLight Flickr Group Photo Pool

This is a pretty good Sunday, if I do say so myself.  I’m working on something awesome that is going to hit the web Wednesday morning — I’m going to be vague, but it has to do with this (and yes, I’m sorry it’s been more than two weeks, life’s been kinda high speed lately):

Yeah, it’s coming, finally.  JimOnLight TV Episode 1 in its various parts will be hitting the web on Wednesday morning, June 27, 2012!  Starring Jeff Waful and Umphrey’s McGee, Chauvet’s COLORado Batten 144 Tour are going to be the stars of Episode 1, and I’m excited to put this out there!  I’m about to release Vivien 2012 with CAST and we’re also banging away on wysiwyg R29, which has kept be unbelievably busy since I moved up here at the end of February.  I’m finally figuring out how to balance my career with my passion, and I am feeling pretty f*cking good about it!  Now if I can just get outside once in a while and get some sun, life will be even more sweet!

Check out a great Sunday’s worth of photographer’s contributions to our acceptance of beauty and art — have an amazing day, everybody!  Stop by the JimOnLight Flickr Group and join up, it’s completely free!

Bursting Out


B96 Summer Bash

REO Speedwagon

B96 Summer Bash

I miss you, little boy:
lumen on glowstick night

The Vortex



Peace Face

Sunday Flickr Group Photo Pool

I have been doing a lot of sitting on my couch when I’m not at work; I generally spend my off-work time working on articles and doing my own personal research in light.  I think I’m losing some of my social skills!  While at home, I typically like to have a movie or something going for background noise, it helps me concentrate.

I watched a movie this weekend while I was writing some JOL that was put out in 2007 — Danny Boyle’s Sunshine.  I have to say that I watched it already twice this weekend, that movie was awesome.  I love that disaster movie genre, I think I picked that up from Leia.  This movie has a pretty serious undertone, it’s about having to start a second mission to re-ignite the sun, which has basically almost gone out.  The visuals are unbelievable, especially if you see it either on a movie screen or in BluRay, it’s going to be great.  It’s all in space, which is also pretty great, and there are explosions and dangers.  As far as action movies go, that’s a pretty cool combination.  I don’t really want to say anything about it, it’s something that is going to rock your eyes when you see it.

If you need to spoil it for yourself, here’s a review at the New York Times, but I say just go watch the movie.

But enough about my recent favorite movie plugs, check out this week’s Sunday Flickr Group Photo Pool post!

Beautiful textured lamps


lights & things that we use

Lighting Example for Mari

BAD halogen


My Toronto apartment ceiling

Squinty Bridge

photo 2-4

Looks like Daphne is having a blast lately!

Sunday JimOnLight Flickr Group Photo Pool

Wow, I am absolutely awake right now, watching Inside Job.  I have been working my tail feathers off — you ever get where your sleep schedule is just off because you’re too tired to sleep?

I saw a movie today that I think nobody but me thought was absolutely awesome – The Divide, with Michael Biehn and Lauren German about a post-apocalyptic environment.  This movie is some freaky deep sh*t, people.  Get ready for some crazy insane completely wacko direction (which should be taken as a compliment) and it’s a scenic and lighting designer’s very deep dark dream.  This movie has really, really bad reviews, but I thought it rocked.  I’m serious, people hated this movie!  HAHA!  I say give it a chance, it’s a pretty great Saturday afternoon rainy day movie, but you better watch something with kittens in it afterwards.  Maybe eat some confetti frosting cupcakes or something too, it’s like watching The Road.  GAAAAH!

Side note for those of you who haven’t seen The Road — if you think you’re tough and all, you’re going to cry during and after The Road.  Prepare accordingly.

Check out some of these awesome Sunday Flickr Group images — this is going to be a creative week, I can smell it!



Lollapalooza 2011



string house demo

Mankato Rooftop


There is something so outstanding about this one below. Well done, Eric.


Randall really caught this next moment, methinks.  Good work, man.

A Chorus Line

Thanks Rebecca Wang for the “Divide” movie poster!