A Quick Note about “Personal” – My Contribution to Your Sanity

I write about a lot of topics on – some of them have to do with my personal life, for example, my recent rotator cuff surgery.  Sometimes I ramble on the site (actually I do that a lot!), both on topic about lighting and off-topic about my life as a lighting designer, professor, writer, and general busy dude.  I do try to keep the personal rammle-jammle down to a trickle, but sometimes I feel I just have to

I’ve been trying to tag the posts where I ramble about my personal life or personal career with the words “Personal” in the title – this way if you’re a dedicated reader and don’t care to read my personal posts, you can filter them out in your RSS reader!

On a personal tip – my shoulder surgery went well – the surgeon said that he went in and cleaned up my shoulder joint to promote healing.  Anything’s better than daily pain, that’s for damned sure!

I hope everyone is having a great Saturday!