Thien Nguyen’s Flexy Light

Thien Nguyen, a designer out of UQAM in Montreal, has created the Flexy Light – a fixture that uses folded heavy paper as the shade/diffuser source.  The packaging itself uses a little waste (the label band that runs along the outside), but once that is removed, the shade can be spread open into whatever configuration you’d like to attempt.  The shade itself is just folded, I can’t stress that enough – no inner structure to hold it open, just the strength of the complex folding of the paper material.

An interesting design!  Thien won an award this year for this design – the Young Package Design 2009 Contest in the Czech Republic.  Congratulations, Thien!





Thanks, DesignBoom!

Styro Light – Apple’s Packaging Put to A Second Use

Eric Lawrence won a Sustainable Award from Design Within Reach Austin’s M+D+F competition recently for the Styro Light – his fixture that was created using the styrofoam packaging corners from Apple laptops.  I think this is a well-exhibited design – the frame is aluminum, and there are 16 5W dimmable compact fluorescents illuminating the space.

Check out a few picures of this work – great job, Eric!




Thanks, Unplugged!