Saturday for Sustainability News

There are so many stories out there in my newsreader today about sustainability in energy production that it’s difficult to parse them all without talking about every single one.  But if I did that, I cold have neither A) Laura or B) a life, so I have to sometimes cull the massive amount of information into manageable little chunks.  My buddy Greg told me once:

How do you eat an elephant?  One spoonful at a time.

Here’s some spoonfuls of elephant that we all need to see:

Glut of Solar Panels is a Good Thing


From CleanTechnica, is the market’s complete over-saturation of Solar Panels actually a good thing for the market?

US Residential Solar Financing to Reach $5.7 Billion by 2016


The fact that residential solar financing is expected to reach into the near six billion dollar mark in the US alone should warrant some jubilation.  Right?  GreenTech Solar thinks so.

President Obama:  ‘We Must Do More on Climate Change’


Another one from CleanTechnica, Obama stated that we must do more on climate change.  But he slipped the word “pipeline” in there.  We’re to assume that Obama means the Keystone XL Pipeline; are we also to assume he;s going to cave to Big Oil like he did Big Pharma?

As a side note, Consumer Energy Report also did a nice article on Obama’s climate change talk, well worth the read.

Hydro Beats Coal and Nuclear, Which Beat Oil and Natural Gas Plants, says A Recent Study


This article is awesome, from Next Big Future.  It’s to a PDF link of a study talking about different scenarios for environmental stability.  It’s extremely nerdy, but that’s what you should expect here!
(thanks to TreeHugger for the photo!)

And now, time to sit and enjoy life with my wife.  I swear I am going to get that right this time.

POLL: Who’s Your 2012 Presidential Hopeful?

I’m traveling a lot this month.  Something that gets even worse as I travel is my addiction to the complete waste of time we Americans call “politics.”

I watch and listen to a lot of CNN while I’m traveling – it seems like every airport television is tuned to either CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News.  Right now there is a lot of talk on the news about how no one in the US Senate and House of Representatives can agree on anything (even though their own people assigned a select committee on solving our fiscal crisis and failed straight up);  how the American people are getting the short end of the stick on every path imaginable while the seven or eight people who have all of the money get to do anything they want anywhere;  last and perhaps most vomitous is the travesty that the Government is about to throw down to the American people that will then be spoon-fed with a silver spoon to the Telecomm giants – the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

Ah, memories.

So, all of that being said, have you been watching the Presidential Candidates’ Debates lately?  Who are you rooting for at this point to lead our country down the mountain peak road we’re on with no guard rails and no brakes on the bus we’re all riding?  Please participate in the poll, I am very interested in the political leanings of the huge group of people across this great planet that is the Readership!

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Thanks Wikipedia, Central LA Politics, and Redwood Coast!

Obama VS Perry On Energy Policy [INFOGRAPHIC]

I gotta tell you all…  I am NOT looking forward to this next round of political hoohaa that we’re about to experience full-force over television, radio, the web, and pretty much every other place that advertising for candidate A, B, C, or backwards R.  (Sorry, I was thinking about my friend Tatiana from outside of Moscow, I thought I’d throw a joke in for her)

One thing that we all need to keep an eye on is energy policy.  Holy crap is this important, folks.  In order to shape the future of lighting and energy consumption, grid improvements and distribution, sustainable collection and storage, we need to know where everybody stands on this stuff that wants to be our “president.”  We’ve been shown over the last long few years that we need to have a larger collective role in making decisions because unfortunately the people we keep choosing just can’t be trusted to do what’s right over what’s most lucrative.

I find this infographic pretty interesting – here’s a link to the full-size infographic, the one I’ve posted here is smaller.  Check it out:

Lighting Obama’s Acceptance Speech

Live Design has a good article about how the President Elect’s acceptance speech was lit.  Check it out.

In case you’re a big nerd like me, here’s the gear list from the televised speech:

72 Martin MAC 2000 Wash XBâ„¢
2 grandMA 2048 Ch. Console
6 SyncroLite XLs
2 Musco Type “C” Trucks
72 Altman Focusing CYC
29 2-foot Ministrips
3 Jem ZR33 Hi-Massâ„¢
3 DF-50 Hazer
3 Versa Fan
3 M2 2.5k Lycian Spots
4 Lycian 1293 3k Xenon Followspot