Vanessa Hordies’ Night Night

I’ve really been digging getting back into researching fixtures, lighting systems, and interesting designs of lighting lately!  It feels good to be able to get back to the initial idea behind – sharing cool information about light.  WHAT A CONCEPT!

Check out this new fixture from designer Vanessa Hordies – it’s called Night Night:

Night Night is an interesting concept for a sleepy-time lamp – when you flip over the lamp itself, a timer for 15 minutes resets itself, giving the user about 15 minutes to fall asleep.  That’s about the perfect amount of time to fall asleep.  WAIT A MINUTE!  THIS MUST BE ON PURPOSE!

(that’s sarcasm.  oh yeah.)

Vanessa Hordies does have a website, but there’s not much there but an info email and a picture of the Night Night.

Thanks DesignBoom!