Which Trade Shows Have You Done This Season?

I do a hell of a lot of trade shows, as you all know already because mostly I see a lot of you there, and I’m curious as to what the readers of do in your respective individual trade show seasons.  I’d love to know, so if’n you don’t mind, would you leave a comment on this post and let me know?  I’ll love you fo sho!

So far this year for me:

The Special Event 2012, Tampa
ProLight and Sound 2012, Frankfurt
the National Association of Broadcasters Show (NAB) 2012, Las Vegas
PLASA Focus 2012, Austin
PLASA Focus 2012, Nashville
PLASA 2012, London

Shows coming up for me:
LDI 2012, Las Vegas
EIBTM 2012, Barcelona
PLASA Focus 2012, Stamford

Howzabout you?  Leave a comment below!


Jim at NAB

Hey everybody! Fox here. I just wanted to check in and give a little update…

We’re still planning on a site update in the very near future. When it happens, we’ll try to make it happen on a Saturday – ’cause I can dedicate a whole day to the change over then and it won’t impact most daily reader lives. But, enough about me.

Jim’s visiting working in Las Vegas through the 19th at the CAST Group booth for NAB 2012. If you’re around, go check out what’s going on there at Booth # C9808. I’ll be visiting the floor this afternoon. Luckily, Jim and I were able to hang out for an afternoon. I took him out to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area for a sunset tour. It was more cloudy than sunny and quite a bit cool, but it was still a great escape from the strip and a reminder of the natural beauty that surrounds us.

So, if it seems like we’re running a little lite on the site, that’s probably why. In the meantime, make sure you are CRUSHING IT on this fine Monday!


What are YOU Doing with YOUR Saturday?

Ever go through one of those phases where you’ve had so much coffee on a regular schedule where you actually have the sh-shhhakes?!  I’m having one of those times right now.  I’m getting wysiwyg and Vivien ready for NAB 2012, managing and coordinating the site load-in, living in an empty apartment until April 20, trying to figure out how to get Light Day kicking full speed again, and missing my cat.  It’s a very weird experience coming home to a completely empty apartment; I mean, I have an air mattress and I went and bought some cooking gear so I didn’t have to spend tons eating takeout all the time, but really that’s it.  I haven’t had time to go back to OKC and get everything packed up and moved.  That happens after NAB, around April 20 after load-out.  I’ll be in Vegas for 11 days or so, I hope to spend time with Fox and Erin and their adorable kids, and see some of the folks I haven’t seen in fo-eva.  It IS a trade show, so let’s hope that every one of my waking moments isn’t trade show related, because it happens.  If you do trade shows, you know that feeling.

I am 92% finished with the upcoming first episode of JimOnLight TV.  Yes, I know it’s been longer than two weeks.  A lot has happened since PLASA Focus, and that’s all coming too!  I have coverage from all of the events and shows I’ve attended since then, but JOL TV is on top of the mountain right now.  I hope this finds you all having an amazing day, and I hope you’re out there crushing it!

Here’s one of my favorite videos when I need to CRUSHIT — I need to get Davids to make a CRUSHIT Favorites section on the JimOnLight iPhone App!

and for something completely unrelated…

From the Archives: Interviews Jeff Ravitz


I just got ahold of the videos made of the SeaChanger booth at the 2010 NAB Show in Las Vegas – I had the pleasure of interviewing a bunch of influential lighting industry people at the 2010 NAB Show, which was an absolute blast!

Check out this first video made at the 2010 NAB Show – interviews JEFF RAVITZ!

From the Archives: Interviews Jeff Ravitz, NAB Show 2010 from Jim Hutchison on Vimeo.

Jim’s On the Way Home from NAB 2010

I am sitting in the Vegas airport waiting for my flight to board, thinking of all the absolutely awesome times I had over the last 72 hours.  The NAB Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center was a HIT for me – lots of people, lots of interviews, and tons of fun.  A word to the wise though – Phil’s Steakhouse at Treasure Island gave me food poisoning, so I spent Monday afternoon and night holed up in my room puking my guts out.

<start Google Sarcasm tracking>Thanks a lot for the day of vomit, Phil’s Steakhouse.</sarcasm>

Tuesday was an unbelievable day – not only did I get to interview two of my favorite lighting designers (Jefferson Waful from Umphrey’s McGee and TJ Gerckens from – well, everywhere), but I also got to talk to Jeff Ravitz, John Gates, Jon Griffin from Saddleback Church, and many other great pros.  A major thanks to Tom Stanziano and Phil Buchsbaum from SeaChanger/Ocean Thin Films for flying me out and allowing me to have outstanding conversations with outstanding people on film.  What an amazing few days.  Amazing.

Videos coming soon – stay tuned!

Gekko’s Keddo LED Fixture Wins at NAB 2009


Have you seen the Gekko LED fixtures?  They’re primarily marketed towards stage and screen, but they’re pretty awesome – they have self-monitoring to make sure that the illumination level coming from them is consistent.  That’s my favorite thing about them – they’re also pretty brilliant in their saturated colors.  PRG has exclusive distribution rights for their stuff, and the keddo fixture just won  two big awards at NAB this year.  The press release is below, please check it out.

Gekko kedoTM Wins Two Awards at NAB 2009

New Windsor, New York-May 4, 2009-Production Resource Group, LLC (PRG), the exclusive rental and sales distributor for Gekko Technology Ltd. products in North America, is pleased to announce that the Gekko kedoTM won two awards at the recent 2009 NAB tradeshow in Las Vegas. The just-launched Gekko kedo, a focusable luminaire powered by an LED source, won two awards-the DV magazine 2009 Black Diamond Award and TV Technology magazine’s Mario Award for Innovation. The Black Diamond Award recognizes the best products making their debut at the NAB show, specifically those that will appeal to video professionals. A select panel of engineers and editors, as well as production and post professionals joined the DV magazine staff to judge the Black Diamond Awards. The Mario Awards, named after Mario Orazio, a pseudonym for a nameless engineer who pens the industry’s most widely read technology column The Masked Engineer, in TV Technology, were established to recognize products that represent significant technical breakthroughs and companies that demonstrate forward thinking and technical excellence in their products. Both DV magazine and TV Technology are a part of NewBay Media’s Broadcast & Video Group of products.

“At NAB this year, PRG again enjoyed introducing new technology to the industry,” comments Brian Edwards, General Manager of PRG’s Los Angeles depot. “The enthusiastic response was terrific. As always, we work very hard to supply the film and broadcast industries with the tools and services that will help support their creative efforts. It is always particularly gratifying to get the opportunity to introduce products like the Gekko kedo or the Nila Lighting System and see them so immediately embraced. I think it is evidence that PRG continuously works to source new technology with a true understanding of these industries.”

In addition to the kedo, UK-based Gekko Technology also manufactures kisslite, lenslite, kicklite and george. The new kedo is a focusable spotlight equivalent in output to a 1kW Fresnel that is powered by Gekko’s kleer colourTM light engine. Kleer colour is the world’s first adjustable, focusable single source multi-color light engine. It uses a single-array of high-power LED that can be tuned under software control to produce a wide array of different color temperatures and colors. The LED array can be tuned locally or remotely via DMX. The kedo can produce an extensive range of different colors and a range of high quality whites allowing it to match any color required to illuminate a specific scene. In addition to primary and intermediate colors, kedo can precisely emulate a high quality tungsten reference source. It can be switched quickly and easily to produce 2,900K, 3,200K, 4,300K, 5,600K and 6,500K as well as a wide range of virtual color filters, all of which remain stable throughout dimming.

“The kleer colour light engine represents something of a ‘Holy Grail’ in the lighting world,” explains Gekko Technology’s founder and Managing Director David Amphlett. “Designed specifically for the needs of image capture, it gives lighting directors and camera crews unprecedented control of color temperature and illumination level. Unlike multi-source RGB color-mixing devices, kleer colour delivers a broad spectrum of light that can be adjusted by the operator to match a vast array of hues across the visible range. Self-monitoring sensors ensure stable color across a range of output levels as well as correcting changes in performance caused by ambient temperature and component ageing. In addition to its unsurpassed creative versatility, the kleer colour engine delivers far higher color rendering than any other lighting technology powered by discontinuous sources, across all operating temperatures and illumination levels.” The kleer colour system provides consistent color quality from lamp to lamp, with tight calibration and sophisticated closed loop feedback.

PRG has represented the Gekko Technology products-including kisslite, lenslite, kicklite and george-since February 2009 and has been very encouraged by the industry’s enthusiastic response. Gekko film credits include Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Death Defying Acts, Mama Mia, The Golden Compass and television dramas including Waking the Dead, New Tricks and The Commander. The kedo will no doubt be in great demand with cinematographers and lighting directors for their toolboxes.

For more information on the award-winning Gekko Technology kedo as well as the whole Gekko product line, please visit