24×360: Experimental Light Painting

Hi ho, your resident wearable-light ink slinger here! A while back, Aron Altmark sent me this amazing video, and on my quest to step closer to the nigh-impossible Inbox Zero, I rediscovered some absolutely amazing light art.

Timecode Labs created 24×360 using twenty-four cameras to capture 360 images of fifteen different moments in light. Combined, the images create 360 degree views of some amazing light painting. The twenty-four camera are laid our in a ring surrounding the model, and were triggered to create the “bullet time” effect. Also known as a “time slice” or “frozen time,” bullet time in its original form took a series of still cameras, all triggered at the same time or with a brief delay depending on the desired effect, to orbit a specific, normally too-fast-to-experience moment in time. Combined with something as fleeting, and typically displayed in two dimensions as light painting, this is a visual triumph.

The team consisted of Patrick Rochon, an extremely talented light painting photographer and first prize winner of the Nikon Photo Contest in Japan, Eric Paré,  and Timecode Labs of Montreal. A different style of bullet time light painting has also been done with a 96 camera rig here, by Richard Kendall.

I can only imagine what a combination of 24×360’s bullet time and this amazing piece of software could create to give a view beyond time in to how these amazing light artists create their work!

At only 55 seconds, you have just GOT to watch this video. No. Really. Watch this:

A few stills of the light paintings:

Thien Nguyen’s Flexy Light

Thien Nguyen, a designer out of UQAM in Montreal, has created the Flexy Light – a fixture that uses folded heavy paper as the shade/diffuser source.  The packaging itself uses a little waste (the label band that runs along the outside), but once that is removed, the shade can be spread open into whatever configuration you’d like to attempt.  The shade itself is just folded, I can’t stress that enough – no inner structure to hold it open, just the strength of the complex folding of the paper material.

An interesting design!  Thien won an award this year for this design – the Young Package Design 2009 Contest in the Czech Republic.  Congratulations, Thien!





Thanks, DesignBoom!

La Vitrine by Moment Factory and Photonic Dreams


I just read about a permanent installation project in Montreal called La Vitrine, which is an interactive LED wall that reacts to people as they walk by and glance at the project.  From Fubiz:

Moment Factory ( developed the interactive system and designed the interactive content.  PHOTONIC Dreams ( created the original LED video wall of La Vitrine, in Montreal.

The installation includes tracking devices and low-resolution LED displays and is capable of showing many different visualizations based on the presence and movement of people.

Visitors can interact with the installation every night from 7 PM to 11 PM.
La Vitrine, 145, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montréal

Also, from the Moment Factory website:

Moment Factory’s recent premiere of North America’s first permanent interactive giant exterior wall won the Grand Prize in Montreal’s 2008 “Creativity Awards” in the Urban Integration category and found itself on the front cover of the awards’ journal. Initially a temporary pilot project, the wild public popularity of La Vitrine led it to be rendered permanent. The judges summarised the project as being “quintessentially Montreal,” expressing the playfully collective identity of the city.

La Vitrine – Montreal from steven bulhoes on Vimeo.



ReLight the Gesù Theatre

Quartier des spectacles Partnership, the Gesù Theatre, and the City of Montreal’s Design Montréal agency has invited designers and “creators” to submit lighting, architecture and scenographic propositions for a revamp of the architectural lighting and design for the Gesù.

Apparently, there are prizes too!  According to the project’s site, which is in French, there are monetary prizes for those chosen for their ideas:

Grand prix du jury: 10 000$
Deuxième prix : 5 000$
Troisième prix : 3 000$
Prix du public : 2 000$

which translates to:

Grand Prix of the jury: 10.000$
Second price: 5.000$
Third price: 3.000$
Price of the public: 2.000$

If you’re interested in entering, the information is here, in French.  For an English translation, here’s a link to Babelfish for the article.  All images, contest materials, and all relevant docs are there, in PDF and JPEG.