Crazy Carnovsky’s Crazy RGB Wallpaper

Crazy AMAZING, that is.  I take crazy as a compliment, hopefully their studio does too!  The design studio Carnovsky unveiled some amazing RGB designed wallpaper that needs red, blue, and green light (and amazing secondary results!) to reveal the true depth of the work.

Warning:  these images are freaking amazing.  CRAZY amazing.

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Ross Lovegrove’s 100% Lamp

Italian lighting manufacturer Danese has commissioned designer Ross Lovegrove for a fixture called the 100% Lamp – a simple, controllable fixture with an interesting design feature – the circuitry is on the outside of the lamp:


The design is simple and elegant – bent aluminum sheet with a white paint coat, and the circuitboard/control affixed.  The control device is a screen-printed BAS plastic card that is also affixed to the unit, and control of intensity is via a sensor embedded within the card.  The orange circuitboard on the rear of the lamp is Kapton material, used in flexible printed circuits.

The LED source for the lamp is a cluster of 3 X 5W LEDs with an efficacy of 70 lumens per watt.

From the Danese Milan site:

The inclination of the head is dictated by a LED angle calculation so that an equilibrium between the correct illumination of a wide work area and the dazzling monitoring can be achieved. The challenge of a substantial technological innovation is faced by relying on overall “subtraction” principles. The body of the lamp is composed of a very light sheet of aluminium 5 mm thick, cut and softly bent. The base widens forming an area different from the worktop on which to store personal belongings.

On the front of the body of 100% Al light is integrated Danese’s technologically advanced switch. You insert a serigraphed ABS card into the aluminium body, which contains the sensor that regulates the turning on and the intensity of light emission. The feeding and the connection among the LEDs, the touch dimmers and the electronic components can only work in the flexible Kapton circuit. This combination of technology and innovative design rises in the Metadistretti project environment and it is developed by Danese in partnership with Micromac.

Check out more images:






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Gwenael Nicolas’ Mist Bench


Gwenael Nicolas‘ invention, the Mist Bench, is an interesting creation of a seat and an interactive object.  The fibers in the bench, a coarse blend of optical fibers, respond to people as they get closer to the bench.  The entire bench has been hand-knotted – for me, that’s one of the coolest things about it.

The bench is part of an exhibit called Fiber Senseware, which will be unveiled at the Milan Design Week (which is coming up soon!) and expects to be a hit.




Kigokoro from Studio Ito


Oh, how I wish I was able to be sitting in Milan right now enjoying Milan Design Week.

Yamagiwa is getting an awfully generous amount of really nice design work lately – the retailer just got this fixture from Studio Ito for their retail collection, entitled Kigokoro – a fixture “formed by many limbs, in which there are integrated diffusers, which makes the effect of decorative richness.”  Kigokoro also incorporates a new technology LED (whatever that means) and fine cutting crystal.

I like it.  It’s sleek – I really enjoy the “industrial” look.




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