Happy Christmahanakwanzika from JimOnLight!

It’s Christmas Day obviously, and I’m here in Toronto with my lady and our furbaby Roxy.  Yeah, you know the one:

Roxy Claus!


Roxy/Daddy Christmastime!

We had plans to get home this year to introduce Laura and Roxy to the Hutchison family, but our travel plans fell through.  But, like many other families on the road this year, we’re about to Skype home in a bit and send our holiday cheer back to the States!  If you’re on the road this season and unable to spend your Holiday with the ones you miss, remember that a phone call home or a Skype/G+/video chat home can make all the difference.

I have a couple of buddies overseas in a really shit place right now “defending freedom.”  I hope you guys are safe and sound, warm, not being shot at, and having something hot and rib-sticking to eat today.

If you’re lucky enough to be with those you love this holiday, squeeze them extra tight and remember that there are 26 people who just had that taken away right before Christmas this year.

I really hope that we all realize someday that it doesn’t matter if we believe in everything, something, or nothing – if we can’t coexist, we won’t continue to exist.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone, let’s turn 2013 into a year we can all look back on and be really proud to have taken part!




For all of you out there across the world, working and not spending time with your family, friends, and loved ones…

…this one is for you.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and all my best to you all!

Much love and light,





I was unable to get home to see my parents this year for Christmas, so I hope you are all having a great Christmas Day with your families and significant others.  Take this day to just…  breathe.

To all my new friends from my experience in Sweden – thank you all for the opportunity to see beauty and intelligence from parts of the world I have never visited.  To my friends in Iran – keep your head up, we believe in you.  To my US Marine, US Army, US Navy, and US Air Force friends sitting in Afghanistan and Iraq this Christmas, we’re all thinking of you, be careful, and we can’t wait to see you when you get home!

Merry Christmas, world!

A cool dude, Brad Peterson, sent me a few links to some awesome Christmas lighting videos – thanks Brad, and check this stuff out!  Go to High Voltage Productions to see these videos – but first, get some PIE!

(and don’t forget the Cool Hhwip)

Happy Holidays from

To every person I know, to every person I’ve met because of blogging about light, and to anyone out there on the road over the Holiday season or struck in a desert dealing with that crap – Merry Christmas from!

I hope everyone is having a great Christmas season!


Happy Holidays from

I’m taking the day off to celebrate with my wife.  Right now, I’m sitting in an airport at 6am waiting for a flight back home to see her.  I’m on my way back to Denver to spend the day with the coolest woman I know.

I hope your holiday is just as cool as mine.  So, in celebration, here’s the coolest thing I could come up with on Christmas day:  Stevie Wonder playing Supersition on Sesame Street.