It’s James Clerk Maxwell’s Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, James Clerk Maxwell!!!


There’s a guy we all have everything to thank for, and his name was Maxwell…  JAMES CLERK MAXWELL, to be precise!  Today is the birthday of Mr. James Clerk Maxwell, the man who pretty much discovered the laws that drive our physical universe.  When we talk about “let there be light,” we’re talking about Mr. Maxwell.

I wrote a post on Maxwell’s accomplishments, check it out — and Happy Birthday, James Clerk Maxwell!!!  If you weren’t already dead, you’d more than likely have a different hairdo today:



But then again maybe not, the hipster/Steampunk thing seems to be working for you.


Jim’s New Tattoo – June 24!

I decided recently that the time to wait to get any more tattooing has passed. The guy who did my first tattoo is coming back to Oklahoma City on June 24, and I have an appointment to get some more equations!

So far, I have the Law of Reflection and Snell’s Constant – each of the equations on my arm are separated by a semicolon.  Each additional equation will be separated by a semicolon as well.  Here’s the first one:

Jim, new tattoo.

I’ve decided that this next round will be several equations.  First, the Lorentz force exerted on charged particles, from classical electromagnetism:

(Try to ignore the blue lines, they are guides for me to line up symbols in Photoshop)

Next in line is the Lensmaker’s Equation:

After that will be all four of Maxwell’s Equations, starting with Gauss’ Law:

Of course next will be Gauss’ Law for Magnetism (no monopoles, mophos!):

Followed by the Maxwell-Faraday equation explaining induction:

Last but not least or final – Ampere’s Law with Maxwell’s correction:

I am so freaking excited!!!