The Nirvana LED Bathtub – Yes, A Bathtub With LEDs.

So, sometimes there are things that get marketed to people with lots and lots and lots of money.  There are also times when companies develop things that are only achievable by people of a very high income bracket.  This specific time might be both of those times together.  To be fair, there isn’t a price listed on the website, but my spidey-sense tells me that it’s probably not $250 dollars.

Meet the Nirvana LED Bathtub – a completely touch-controlled LED bathtub with 360 LEDs embedded into the surface:


See that display in the lower right corner?  It’s upside down in that picture, but it’s an onboard readout of the temperature of the water – which can be changed with your hand motions.  A tub that boasts chromatherapy, digital readouts, complete control, and automatic-ness.  What else do you need, I guess?  I wonder how much this thing is going to retail for when it hits the market?  Like anything else that’s expensive, once you buy it, attractive women will flock to your bathroom.

Oh yeah, and this tub won a Red Dot award.


Here’s one of the company’s other models – LEDs in a different configuration:


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Honeycomb – A Wall and Ceiling Product by Swarovski

Back in Plano, TX in the mall by our apartment there is a Swarovski Crystal store – walking by that store is like staring in the face of an exploding star.  Lots of luxury products, lots of stuff I cannot afford, the color red, and gazillions of sparkling crystals.

One thing I did not know about is Swarovski’s Architectural division; I discovered two products in that division I found interesting – the Honeycomb wall and ceiling products.  Swarovski custom creates these products per each individual consumer order – the product is a lattice work light product, with either an LED or fiber optic-sourced light.  From the website:

A cut crystal, when light falls on it, gleams radiantly in the honeycomb structure on a wall or ceiling. Architecture, light and crystal appear to unite in a fully new way. The extraordinary combination of materials blends completely into the architecture and attracts the glances of the viewers.






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WaterTherapy: The Coolest Shower Head I’ve Seen

Italian company Guglielmi has created a quite stunning luxury variant of the regular ol’ shower head.  A 480 stream shower head using 480 LEDs (that’s one per stream, for those of you keeping score) and utilizing color programs (9 single color and 2 multi-color fading) to give you a color therapy experience in the shower.  The WaterTherapy head also utilizes the European standard on water conservation – the images don’t show a laminar flow from the jets per se, but I would love love love to try out one of these.

If there’s one thing I love, it’s light.  If there’s another thing I love, it’s high water pressure in my shower.  I can imagine a nice blue mist crashing down on my exhausted back – I’d probably just lie in the tub and enjoy the light show!

I couldn’t find a price for this puppy, but I get the feeling it’s not on clearance.

Check out some images:



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