Rest in Peace, Little Lumen.

I haven’t posted in about a week.  I know that I probably upset David, and I’m sorry to all of you.  Lumen has been so sick and I have been right near him this whole week.  Writing has been the furthest thing from my mind, I hope that you all can understand and appreciate it.  I have two shows going on right now too – tech this week for one, and tech next week for the other.  Talk about excellent timing.

Please let me say thank you publicly to everybody who has sent their well wishes via Twitter and Facebook.  Holy crap, what a shit day.

My little man is gone – around 1030 we had to euthanize Lumen, he was suffering big time and his kidneys were two times their normal size.  After the last vet visit he perked right up, and when I got back from Jersey on Friday, he was all about hanging out and being awesome.  Saturday afternoon he became a bit lax, and then just inside himself.  Sunday I kinda knew that he probably needed to be set free of his pain, he had an absolutely terrible day. The final diagnosis from my vet Dr. Graham was that Lumen had an acute form of leukemia that just destroyed his body quickly, even though the test on Thursday showed a negative.

I have a few cutie pictures of this little adorable guy, I never really got a chance to post any of them.  I did get to do something awesome though, I got to see a kitten turn from a baby into my little stinker.  Daddy’s gonna miss you, pal.  You made my life so much better for that short time we had together. It was awesome to love you, buddy!

I'm a bored kitty.

whatsamatter, daddy?

lumen sleeping

look at me walk!

Lumen on Daddy's shoulder

big kitty stretch

Crying yet? How about Lumen’s first day home?! BAHAHA! CUTE!

Meet Lumen, the Super Kitty!

Oklahoma, you can suck it. You’ve taken my two best friends. It’s too bad Lumen never got to meet Rutherford, holy crap, that would have been a crazy party.

dude, you woke me from my nap

Happy Monday and Namaste to Everyone!

Lumen on Daddy's shoulder

I’m writing from the very, very hot state of Oklahoma, in a city hotter than Hell itself, Oklahoma City.  I think we’re on our 30+th day of 100 degrees or above in a row.  How awesome is that?!  I went outside the other day, saw a guy burst into flames – and OKC is in the Bible Belt!  Wackity schmackity doo!

Since I broke my toes last week, I won’t be attending ETC’s very excellent CUE Conference taking place in Middleton, Wisconsin this week.  From what I understand, it’s gonna be pretty awesome.  I’m pretty bummed that I’m gonna miss it.

As I sit here, I continue to work on some pretty amazing stuff myself – I have a handful of new lamps, both LED and non-LED incandescent replacements – that I am doing a lot of testing on for a big comparison post on  What I find is that the only way to accurately report on these lamps is to put them in place in a situation that they would normally perform in and report on that situation.  Doesn’t that just seem like a no-brainer?

a storm and Greg

Ok, back to it. I hope this finds everyone doing great today on this hot Monday!

Houston, We Have A No-Go on that New Jersey Trip

Well, uh, I’m not going to make it to Secaucus to hang with Chris Conti and the PRG team tomorrow, as well as not getting to see U2.  Do you know who we have to thank for this?

Oh, he’s cute alright.  But I think that I adopted a ninja serial killer special forces kung fu master kitten.

I was moving from the bedroom with my suitcase, and Lumen ran right between my feet, causing me to lose balance as not to trample the little guy.  As I turned, I think my foot came loose from my sandal, because it caused me to kick the dining table as hard as I could with my left foot.  I have three broken toes, a badly sprained ankle, and a kitten who just wants to snuggle while I sit here all goofy from pain meds.  It has to be a conspiracy.

Sorry about the tease there folks, I will certainly be rescheduling this trip soon, so we’ll have a beer together soon if you’re in the NYC area.