Lights’ Edge from Light Master Kevin Cooley

When you scroll through these images, take into account two things — Kevin Cooley is awesome, and let’s hope he still has that really warm coat he must have needed for this project so he can get his awesome butt out there and do another series!

Kevin Cooley is a guy inspired by people like James Turrell, which might explain how grandiose and larger than life these photographs seem.  I love this series!  It’s called Lights’ Edge, and I have to say I love it, once again.








Thanks DesignBoom!

San Francisco Bay Bridge as Light Art

Take as long as you need to memorize this photo, you’re going to need it at some time in your life:


Beautiful.  This reminds me of a really, really beautiful time in my life.

This is from Light Paint’s Tumblr, which is one of the more awesome ones I follow!

The ISS Presents The Light Friday Fantastic

My friend Jules posted this I think yesterday — a bunch of images from Don Pettit, flight engineer aboard the International Space Station.  Not regular ol’ images of life in space or anything, nay.  These are long exposure shots of stars, et al, taken from the station itself.  This is about the coolest thing I’ve seen this month, and I’ve seen some cool sh*t this month.

Here are some of my faves, but you have to check out the entire Flickr stack – ISS Star Trails on Flickr.







Real-Time Light Painting!

Earlier this year, the light painters JanLeonardo Wöllert and Anton Julmy used a Real Time Light Painting program. It works for both live performance and video production!

On a basic level, this video is well worth a watch because it shows how many of the more intricate light painting photographs are created. However, when you get in to what the program is doing and its applications — the video is BEYOND FASCINATING!

As Google Translate tells me, the program takes the light source, and traces its movements, colors, and intensity. It then processes the material, and adds the images collected together. The final result can either be recorded, or immediately outputted in real-time for live events. There was something about how the program can map the light paintings to objects, buildings, or stages, but Google Translate wasn’t exactly clear–if you speak German, I would love to know what you can find out about the program! Feel free to comment, or shoot me an email at daphne (at)


Image created by JanLeonardo Wöllert.

A Long-Exposure Proposal


@aronaltmark over on Twitter posted this really sweet video a week or so ago, and I just had to post it.

This guy Derick Childress proposed to his girlfriend Emily Kern in a very, very unique way – through a series of 10-second long exposure photographs put into video form.  The process is captured in the video below – I can only imagine how much planning went into mapping out the font characters on the ground from the window’s vantage point.

If you’re wondering, Emily said yes!  Congratulations, Derick!

Derick also has a page dedicated to this process and to the story.  It’s a neat, quick read!

The video: