LDI 2009 is Underway!

Have you SEEN the list of vendors who are going to be exhibiting at LDI 2009 in Orlando?

So far, dates for LDI 2009 in Orlando will be:

Backstage Orlando: November 16-18
LDInstitute: November 16-21
Conference Sessions: November 19-22
Exhibit Hall: November 20-22

I am hoping to be available for LDI 2009, let’s see how the gig schedule goes.  For some reason, I never get to go to the Orlando show.  Weird, huh?

Check out a list of vendors at Live Design Mag.  I realize that it’s nearly a year away, but these things are important!

Lighting Obama’s Acceptance Speech

Live Design has a good article about how the President Elect’s acceptance speech was lit.  Check it out.

In case you’re a big nerd like me, here’s the gear list from the televised speech:

72 Martin MAC 2000 Wash XB™
2 grandMA 2048 Ch. Console
6 SyncroLite XLs
2 Musco Type “C” Trucks
72 Altman Focusing CYC
29 2-foot Ministrips
3 Jem ZR33 Hi-Mass™
3 DF-50 Hazer
3 Versa Fan
3 M2 2.5k Lycian Spots
4 Lycian 1293 3k Xenon Followspot