Cree’s LMR-4 Modular LED

I have been so busy and accumulated so much content lately that I find myself playing catch up with some pretty great footage and images!

One such bunch of stuff is from LightFair 2010 in Las Vegas.  Tom Roberts gave me a pretty great introduction to Cree’s LMR-4 modular LED product.  I finally got the video cut together – check it out!  What a cool product!

And an update – Ginny from Cree made the following video about the LMR-4, which I recommend watching!

LightFair 2010 – Images from the Floor, Day 2

Yeah, I’m a little behind with my LightFair stuff.  I’ve been home for about 15 minutes since then, I think!  We got tons of pics from the conference this year – my rocking official photog Amanda Lynne got masses of great pics from the LightFair 2010 show floor.

Check out Day Two:

LightFair Day One – What A Great Conference!

LightFair 2010 – have you SEEN so many LEDs in your life?!

I have to say I am having a TON of fun on the floor of LightFair 2010 – this is a conference I will be attending each year!  I walked around yesterday on the floor, meeting people, getting hugs from people, and generally having an excellent time.  One thing that I am super excited about is that I HAVE A REAL PHOTOGRAPHER shooting work for!  Everybody’s favorite Amanda Lynne Ballard is here, shooting pics and making me look GREAT!  You have to see some of the work she got for you all, and make sure to thank her.

Check out some photos of the showfloor – if you’ve not been to LightFair, you need to make plans!  This is a huge year for LightFair, most people ever!

“The Map”


Part of Cree LED’s booth – AWESOME!

Peter Kirkup showing how he nerds his iPad into controlling the Orb.  Awesome.

I love me some Peter Kirkup!  This kid is a GENIUS!

I also loves me some Ginny Skalski from Cree – she’s the Social Media voice of Cree LEDs!  What a rock star!

Green Man Walking

The biggest CFL I have ever seen.  Ever.

That’s right – OptiLEDs immersed in water.  How’s that for IP 68?

SeaChanger – in all if its greatness!

More OptiLED submersion

Finally – someone acknowledged Street Lighting!

Stay tuned – I’m here all week!  Lots more stuff to come.  I am very excited!

Jim’s at LightFair 2010 in Las Vegas

What a busy day!

  • see above picture
  • Interesting cab ride to the Sahara as my cabbie told me about all of the places off of the strip to see live fistfights
  • An elderly couple got into an argument while I was eating lunch, and the woman in the couple told the man that he “would rue the day” that he ever talked “like that” to her again
  • Saw someone win a thousand bucks at a slot machine
  • Old lady banged on my door shouting “Irving?  IRVING!  Let me in, I forgot to take my pills!”

Now it’s 12:30 Vegas time.  I wonder what’s in my near future?!

I’m in town for LightFair 2010 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  I’ll be covering the floor for the next handful of days – and since the LightFair people have set up a free WIFI press area for those of us deemed as press (*ahem* USITT), I can post from the floor.  Tres Chic!  Thanks, Tara!

Stay tuned – more LightFair news coming.