The Boid Interaction Toy – A Sensitive Ball of Light


My friend Tina told me about this really cool light toy called a Boid Interaction Toy – a light ball that senses other Boid balls and adjusts its intensity accordingly.  Imagine a sensitive toy that gets happy when its friends are around – that’s the Boid:


From Leiteq’s website about the Boid Interaction Toy:

“An interactive light-ball, responding to other boids and overall ambient light. The Boid senses it’s surrounding Boids by integrated sensors, and changes it’s brightness accordingly. The boid is a stand-alone product, and a single Boid already reacts to ambient illumination. A few together can synchronize joyfully, or display contrary brightness. Many Boids together display intriguing flows and patterns.

The Boid is also a social product. It can bring Boid-owners together to interact and unfold even more mystical patterns. Don’t stay put with only one or a few Boids, bring them together!”

Light Tree: Plug-In Lightlight just posted an article about a little nightlight-esque light tree thing – It’s an interesting little lamp of sorts that plugs into both 110V and 220V systems.  Funny enough, the little pot accessory that the Light Tree comes with looks like it adapts it down to 110.  Interesting.  I could see one of these sitting on my desk, but I never seem to have any empty slots on my power strips.

light tree

light tree

light tree