Light Paint Inspiration on a Wednesday Morning

I read this blog called Light Paint – it’s an outstanding collection of posted light art, and people submitting their excellent light paintings.  I needed some design inspiration this morning, so I was looking through the site and discovered four unbelievably beautiful pieces of light art.  Check these out, I had to share them with all of you.

from Philsometimes all it takes is bioluminescent algae…

from thegreatgildersleevefun with pendulums…

from photoholiclate night cully

from RonnieBruce – untitled, as far as I could tell

Ball of Light

This image was just too awesome not to post.  It’s from a blog called Light Paint, showcasing the magic of light graffiti and other types of light art.  Love it.


More Beautiful Light Painting


This morning with a return-of-good-health wish, the awesome folks at iSquint sent me this page of images of light painting and graffiti light – thanks guys!  Dig into that Tumblr account – there are great images on those pages!  The blog is called Light Paint.  There is BEAUTIFUL work there!