JimOnLight’s Top 10 Posts of 2012

It is so much fun for me to see what people like to read on JimOnLight over the course of the year – or week, or month, or quarter, I am nuts about research!

Check out the top 10 posts of last year – what was your favorite JOL post from 2012???

Post #10:
Multiverse, by Leo Villareal

Post #9:
JimOnLight’s Guide to Christmas Lights, Part 4:  Christmas Light Power and Safety

Post #8:
The Phenomenon of Earthquake Lights

Post #7:
Travel Tips for Squints on the Wing

Post #6:
The McNamara Tunnel, Detroit Airport

Post #5:
The Gaff Tape Dress Showdown

Post #4:
High End Systems at LDI 2012 — and HOG 4!

Post #3:
DIY Globe Cluster Chandelier-esque Fixtures

Post #2:
Lighting 101 — Luminance VS. Illuminance

…and the #1 most visited post on JimOnLight of 2012:

Stephen Hawking is a PLAYA

Tune in next time, we’ll have the Top 10 Posts on JimOnLight Read While Farting on NYC Public Transit.  Stay tuned!

I didn't choose the thug life

Ten from February 2009

I just spent the last half-hour combing through February’s posts.  I spent a good portion of the day at WordCamp Denver today, and during one of the sessions I wondered why I wasn’t doing this every month.  I try to write a lot for the readers, and I try to make sure that every post is quality.  It’s nice to go back through and remember what I had forgotten from earlier in the month.

Here’s ten posts that I enjoyed rereading from February – this isn’t ranked or anything, they’re just all  things I enjoyed discovering:

The Beacon Installation

A Lamp Robot that Eats Bugs

Masdar’s MASSIVE Photovoltaic Array

DA Therrien’s Beautiful Light

Amendment 175 – Colburn’s Proposed Omissions to the Stimulus Package

Meet the LED

ETC Enters the LED Market with the Selador Line

Sha-Do Play – One of the Coolest Things I Have Seen Lately

A Video Homage to Light

Multiverse, by Leo Villareal

Multiverse, by Leo Villareal


American lighting artist Leo Villareal has created a beautiful installation of LEDs and programming called Multiverse, located in the tunnel within the National Gallery of Art – you know, the big tunnel, about 200 feet long, escalators…  very similar to the one lit by my friend Marcus Wuebker in the Detroit Airport.  The lighting in the Detroit (McNamara Tunnel) is pretty amazing.

From the video, so is Leo Villareal’s tunnel installation.  There are somewhere in the neighborhood of 41,000 LEDs in this installation – a beautiful work, and some beautiful programming.  Watch the video below – I hope that it appears as naturally random and fractal-esque to you as it does to me.

Villareal “Multiverse” National Gallery of Art, Washington DC from Walter Patrick Smith on Vimeo.

I also found a video originally at MeFeedia of Leo Villareal talking about sequencing and his thoughts on it.  It’s an interesting video, because now I want to hang out with Leo and buy him a Scotch.  Single malt, of course.

Take a moment to check out Leo Villareal’s website, too.

Thanks, PSFK!