At LDI 2009

Jim’s at LDI 2009 in Orlando today and tomorrow, taking in the show floor. If you’re there, make sure to say hello!

If you want to be sure to connect with Jim, he can be reached at (877) ALIVE-ME, by e-mail (use the Contact form), or on Twitter at @jimonlight. He’s keeping an eye on all forms of contact.

Don’t forget Saturday night’s tweetup in the Peabody Hotel starting around 8pm.



I hope that everyone is having as interesting of a day as I am – taking a 1975 Mercury Comet to an oil change place is a TRIP!

Due to some circumstances that arose, and I have to change the day of the TweetUp to Saturday night, November 21, 2009 at 8pm.  Same fun, same bat channel, all that – something just came up for Friday night that I have been asked to do.  We are really hoping that everyone will still arrive and have a great time!  We have things to hand out, we have a big announcement to give, and other stuff that will rock!

Sorry for the day change, I hope this doesn’t blow out anyone’s candle!  Remember, if you’re tweeting about the and TweetUp, use hashtag #ldi09tweetup!

Have a great day!

JimOnLight and iSquint Tweet-Up – TWITVITE ALIVE!


Remember all of that “hey, and are having a Tweet-Up at the LDI21009 Orlando Conference this year!” stuff?

It’s officially now official.  If you’re on Twitter and coming to the LDI 2009 Tweet-Up, go check out the official TwitVite!  Let us know that you’re coming or not, and see who else is coming to meet up.  We’re going to have a blast!

When you’re telling people on Twitter about the JimOnLight and iSquint LDI2009 Tweet-Up, make sure to tag your Tweet with hash tag #ldi09tweetup so everyone knows what the score is!  We are looking forward to seeing you there!