LDI 2010: InLight Gobos iPod Giveaway, and $2500 for Breast Survival

More LDI 2010 shots – Adriana and Rick Hutton from InLight Gobos’ booth in the TMB Village this year.  InLight Gobos gave away a 32GB iPod Touch to the lucky miss Megan from Hoghes Theatrical.  I drew the name and InLight Gobos rocked the prize!

ALSO, in a glorious moment of success for breasts worldwide, InLight Gobos had a great thing running for Breast Cancer Awareness Month – they offered a $5 donation for every gobo purchased, and matched each donation.  InLight Gobos just donated $2500 to the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure!  You go, guys!  I personally thank you for your donation for my friend Kory Jackson, who passed away a few years ago from breast cancer – she would have been thrilled for your support!

Pictures from the weekend:

Awesome!  Thanks to all who participated!

LDI 2010: Candids and Show Floor Shots

Writing this really made my morning, and I hope it brings at least a smile to your face as you browse these candid shots from LDI.  I took about 1200 shots over the 4 days, and I am working on sorting these all out.  I have to say that this was one of the most enjoyable conventions ever – there was something about the vibe this year that was just unbelievably awesome.

Click on an image in the gallery below for a full-sized viewing experience!

LDI 2010: Coemar’s Booth

Another installment of LDI 2010 on for those of you who couldn’t attend this year’s show, or just wanted to remember that which you had forgotten because of tequila.

Normally Coemar has one of my favorite booths – it’s always big, bright, and full of moving beam goodness.  I still appreciated the heck out of the Coemar booth, but someone placed a booth right in front of the Coemar booth – so all of the grandioseness of the Coemar experience was kind of hindered by the big truss dodecahedron placed right in the way!

Check out the few shots I got of the Coemar booth at LDI 2010:

LDI 2010: Martin Lighting’s Booth

Sorry for the bit of delay in my first post of the day, I’ve been trying to get Wicked Lasers to tell me why I paid for $400 bucks’ worth of lasers and optics in AUGUST and still haven’t received any product.  Awesome, huh?

Anywho – check out the first post of LDI 2010 highlights – MARTIN LIGHTING’s booth!  It’s always one of my favorites – these booths are often works of art, and I love seeing the new designs each year.  Check out some pics – gotta love those Mac 301s!

Click on any thumbnail to hit the gallery view – each image opens up to full size!

LDI 2010 – A Weekend That Kicked A Lot of Rear

I’m back from LDI 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I have to say that this year was one of my favorite LDI shows of perhaps my entire experience with going to LDI shows across the country.  Good people, good products, good experiences, and a lot of memorable moments.

This is kind of a teaser post -I wanted to say hi to the world, to tell you that I have eleventy katrillion pictures, videos, and other awesome LDI related stuffs to post this week for those of you who were out there rock-and-rolling and couldn’t make LDI.

I’ll elaborate more soon, but a short few of my highlights from this year’s show:

More to come, folks.  Get ready!

What are YOU Hoping to Get Out of LDI?

LDI 2010 is obviously coming up at the end of this week.  I am so ridiculously excited!  Not only do I get to see the products and systems that are being touted as the top cheese in our industries as a whole, but I also get to see our brothers and sisters in these lighting industries that we love.  I mean, really – how great is that?!  This time of year is my favorite time of year.

For those of you who read and are going to LDI – there are a few things to remember about the conference if you’ve never been.  First and foremost – you’re gonna have a blast, see amazing light and lighting, and you’re going to meet people wandering on the floor and in company booths that you’ll get to know and see across the world for the rest of your life.  Make the best of it!  TALK to people.  VISIT with the companies.  CHECK OUT the gear.  PUT YOUR HANDS on the gear.  This is your chance to go shake hands with some amazing people.  Make sure that you do it!

There is going to be a LOT of really cool lighting to experience, from LED this-that-and-the-others to the High End Systems Intellaspot XT-1, PRG’s Bad Boy CMY, the Martin Mac 101, and Mac 350 Entour.  This is a good time to pay attention.  I’m a programmer out of necessity (I do love doing it, don’t get me wrong), but my brain leads me more towards the luminaire side of lighting – optics, light sources, color, reflectors, and output.  When I need something programmed like a master, I call professionals like Cat West and Benny Kirkham!

A special note about LDI if you’re looking for a job:
Make sure that you take lots of resumes and business cards.  Also, make sure that your whole experience isn’t about you looking for a job.  Some people are looking for people to hire, and some aren’t.  If you’re lucky enough to find a job opening, play it cool and offer your materials.

Also, here’s a special note for new companies exhibiting at LDI – and quite frankly, for some of the existing companies that exhibit at LDI:
People who come by your booth want to talk to you.  People want to know about your products, see your face, and actually feel like you give a s*%t about talking to them about your product.  They want to give you a card.  They also want to feel like you’re not too good to talk with them because you’re too busy looking for someone with the smell of money on them.  Try to keep this in mind when you’re on the floor and someone comes up to you.  The picture below is of a booth at LightFair 2009 in Las Vegas – now does this kind of atmosphere welcome someone to come up to you and learn about your products?

Yeah, me neither.  These people below actually sneered at us when we walked by (when they weren’t staring at their Blackberries):

This wasn’t like the end of the day or anything, this was 2pm during an afternoon Expo floor session.

Come over and say hi to me and Jax if you see us on the floor – we’re coming on Thursday, leaving Sunday.  I’m looking forward to seeing you all!

The Podcast, Episode 3!


FINALLY – another episode of The Podcast!  It’s only been, what – like 6 months?

This episode covers LDI 2009 – I had a nice chat with Justin from about the conference (as we were glued to the hip most of the conference), and we had a rambling conversation about different products, the LDI 2009 vibe, and other stuff related to the show.

Grab a cup of coffee, get comfy, and check out the podcast, episode 3!

LDI 2009: Elation Lighting’s Booth

One of my favorite booths this year, as in several previous years, has been the Elation Lighting booth.  It’s always ridiculously energetic, and it’s always in prime real estate at each show.  How did you guys get that spot?  Right up front?  I mean, you could not physically not see your booth if you were walking onto the show floor.  Crazy!

I love Elation’s work on their LDI booths.  Good work, folks.  Also, I loved the Impression and Impression XL – I saw them in use on Chris Kuroda’s rig for Phish in Hamptop, VA back in March 2009.  They’re a pretty cool set of fixtures.

Check out Elation’s booth pics:

The Impression – pretty cool.









LDI 2009: SeaChanger’s Booth


One of my favorite booths this year was SeaChanger’s booth.  Besides the fact that they have a great product and are using the LIFI lamp like rockstars, SeaChanger had their standard setup – Eileen Morris (gourmet chef and wife of Tom Morris at SeaChanger) cooked those of us at the conference some of the finest food I’ve ever eaten.  Most definitely the best omelet I’ve ever eaten.

The entire booth was lit by plasma sources – I have completely forgotten the percentage that Tom Stanziano gave me about how much less power the SeaChanger booth was using by having plasma lamps in their fixtures – but at least 30% less comes to mind.  The light from these LIFI sources and the SeaChanger optics is pretty stunning.  The booth itself is set up like a kitchen show – broadcast camera feeds to plasma screens, showing how nice the light appears on camera.

Quite frankly, it is a damned beautiful light.

Okay – omelets, Grand Marinier whipped creme on crepes, the SeaChanger color engine, and the LIFI lamp.  This was a good combination for LDI 2009 for me!

I have some really interesting stuff coming up about SeaChanger this week – you have to stay tuned, especially if you like glass color filters…

Check out some images of SeaChanger’s LDI 2009 exhibit:


That’s my hand, and it’s resting on the cooling fins of the SeaChanger below using a LIFI lamp.  Awesome.


SeaChanger Wash:


Look!  It’s a Nautilus, a Profile, and a Wash!




Thanks for the omelet, Eileen!

LDI 2009 – Coemar’s Booth

More pictures from LDI 2009 – another booth I am always impressed with, the Coemar booth.  Las Vegas’ LDI 2008 Coemar booth was pretty sick, this one was just as awesome.  Check it out!