Oh yes indeed, kids!  The #ICEBUCKETCHALLENGE was accepted by Tobin Neis from Barbizon, and I reached out to Berenice and Albert Chauvet and all of TEAM CHAUVET to really try and put my money where my big loud mouth is to FIGHT ALS.  A special thanks go out to Connor Graham, who took the challenge with Albert Chauvet and donated his own money to fight ALS.  Connor, YOU ROCK, BUDDY!

NOW YOU’RE UP, George Masek and Bob Gordon from ACT Lighting, and Richard Belliveau from High End Systems/Barco!  Richard, I know you got nominated twice, but guess what?  WE JUST LOVE YOU THAT MUCH, BROTHER!

ANYONE can donate to ALS.  Just go to and donate.  We did the challenge and we’re donating.  Them’s the rules, kids!

Here’s Tobin’s initial challenge video, Tobin, thank you SO MUCH for the nomination!  Max, YOU ROCK, BUDDY!

Know What You DON’T Have But Need? THE NEW JIMONLIGHT APP!!!

Ok, David has been in his new garage with some cream cheese, Robin Williams when he was Mork, and a blowtorch making the latest and greatest thing to be free as hell in not only the iTunes Store AND the Android Store — the new App!


jimonlight-google-playOk, this thing drives like a Porsche.

Jim it’s too soon for the joke Jim it’s too soon for the joke JIM IT’S TOO SOON FOR THE JOKE

When you fire this bad puppy up from whatever device you have — iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android tablet, whatever — you’ll get the top page story right up front (yeah, yeah, my battery always runs that low, shut up):

2014-02-05 16.53.01

The menu here gives you access to anything you really ever need to do in life, including eat or pay your internet bill which I keep forgetting to do:

2014-02-05 16.53.10

The Popular Articles tab gives you high traffic stories that you know you need to read:

2014-02-05 16.53.19

You know, that bastard David would OF COURSE make me work for the number one spot on that list.  What a jackass.  I WRITE THE QUESTIONS!

2014-02-05 16.54.00

Right in the dark while you’re lying there reading this if you’re an insomniac like me, maybe it’s a Thursday and it’s 2pm or something for you you can jump right to the JimOnLight Flickr Group:

2014-02-05 16.57.42

Videos.  Of course, videos!  What kind of self-serving aptly named website would be worth a damn without some videos?!!1

2014-02-05 16.57.53

YOU TOO can submit to JimOnLight.  Use the app!  If you’re out there in the field and you see the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen or just anything you might be looking at, this is how!

2014-02-05 16.58.08

Second to last but least not at all to me, the most awesome Flickr group, Today’s Sun.  Fox’s Flickr group is way cooler than mine even though mine tries really hard and never quite could afford to go to college but definitely never stripped its way through Dental School:

2014-02-05 16.58.24

Twitter Feed.  Because really now, does anyone actually ever actually physically GO to Twitter anymore?!

2014-02-05 16.58.42

David, you’re a bad ass.  Everybody else, GO GET YOU SOME JIMONLIGHT.COM APP!




Aww man.  I had such a crush on Pam Dawber.  But I was six or seven, it never would have worked out.

How Well Do YOU Know Light? Take Our Quiz, Come Find OUT! COME ON!


So, how well DO you know Light?

Are you an expert?
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Are you a know-it-all?
Are you a poser?!

(Wow, it’s not all THAT serious…)

Take the Quiz!

How Well Do You Know Light?

Come on, Lighting Designers and Nerds of Illumination -- come see how you fare in a quiz over Light and Lighting terms! We'll cover the Human Eye, light coming AND going, and some other awesome things to learn!


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Top Ten Posts EVER on JimOnLight!

I love looking through statistics and analyses of JOL — from where people read around the world to which kinds of stories that people around the globe like to read on the site.  One of my favorite things is seeing which posts are the most visited and why.  It might seem silly to most, but when you look at the world as a metric, it’s actually pretty neat!

People across the time that has been publishing articles have ranked these ten posts as the most visited ten posts in the history of as of the date of publishing this post, counting down from #10:

10:   The Phenomenon of Earthquake Lights


9:   The Gaff Tape Dress Showdown


8:   Sorry Governor Daniels, We’re In The Business of Keeping Fans Safe — the Indiana State Fair Collapse Continues


7.   Happy Birthday, Stephen Hawking!


6.   Madonna Stage Collapses


5.   DIY Globe Cluster Chandelier-esque Fixtures


4.   Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse — Five Dead, Now What?


3.   Lighting 101:  Luminance VS. Illuminance


2.   Something Horribly Wrong is Going On at Wicked Lasers


…and the NUMBER ONE LINK visited by JOL readers since its inception…


Sunday JimOnLight Flickr Group Photo Pool

three kings of lighting online at PLASA 2012 — Rob Sayer from, Jim Hutchison from, Justin Lang of

Happy Sunday, everybody! I’m back from PLASA 2012 in London, and I think I am finally caught up with sleep and no longer grumpy (sorry, principessa) after a grand return. I had a blast, saw some of my favorite people, met new favorite people, and didn’t sleep much! As usual, a standard trade show experience.

I signed into Flickr this morning to write a Sunday Flickr Group post, and I nearly jumped out of my chair with excitement.  This was an AWESOME day to check out the Pool!  Lots and lots of great images were just added by a bunch of great photogs and light artists — it’s totally worth a few minutes’ worth of black background photo gazing!

Check out today’s selection — it’s huge!

"Love" Light Graffiti


The Lenser Orb Challenge

Tree and Me - Brimham Rocks

N.D.B.C - I'M SEXY I KNOW IT - Today's Explore at #1 on Fluidr



Metal & Light


Oriole Park, Toronto

Face Down Olympic Gold!

Sunset Showoff.


The Calamari Sisters' Big Fat Italian Wedding

Deference of the Departed

A Chorus Line Rendering

Happy Sunday! I hope it is a relaxing and very chill one for each and every one of you out there!

Sunday JimOnLight Flickr Group Photo Pool

Pardon the little extended vacation there folks — me and the boys at CAST Software just put out Vivien 2012, and wysiwyg R29 is shortly to arrive.  Holy shit is it a lot of work making software.  I also headed down to Nashville last week for the PLASA Focus Nashville show, which rocked!  I had a blast hanging out with my two bosses and the wonderful mix of people that came to get their PLASA Focus on.  I am really digging these shows.  It’s almost as if the smaller variety of the shows gives you a chance to actually talk to the vendors and learn about their wares.  I’m really digging it.  Plus, it’s always great to see Jackie and David!

A pretty cool selection of Flickr Group photos is below — happy Sunday, everyone!

Rainbow and Sunlight, Yorkshire Dales (Explored)

Corner Brook Canada Day

Mercy Me


N.D.B.C - I'M SEXY I KNOW IT - Today's Explore at #1 on Fluidr

when will it end?

Road Kill - FDT

Beam Me Up

Sunday JimOnLight Flickr Group Photo Pool

This is a pretty good Sunday, if I do say so myself.  I’m working on something awesome that is going to hit the web Wednesday morning — I’m going to be vague, but it has to do with this (and yes, I’m sorry it’s been more than two weeks, life’s been kinda high speed lately):

Yeah, it’s coming, finally.  JimOnLight TV Episode 1 in its various parts will be hitting the web on Wednesday morning, June 27, 2012!  Starring Jeff Waful and Umphrey’s McGee, Chauvet’s COLORado Batten 144 Tour are going to be the stars of Episode 1, and I’m excited to put this out there!  I’m about to release Vivien 2012 with CAST and we’re also banging away on wysiwyg R29, which has kept be unbelievably busy since I moved up here at the end of February.  I’m finally figuring out how to balance my career with my passion, and I am feeling pretty f*cking good about it!  Now if I can just get outside once in a while and get some sun, life will be even more sweet!

Check out a great Sunday’s worth of photographer’s contributions to our acceptance of beauty and art — have an amazing day, everybody!  Stop by the JimOnLight Flickr Group and join up, it’s completely free!

Bursting Out


B96 Summer Bash

REO Speedwagon

B96 Summer Bash

I miss you, little boy:
lumen on glowstick night

The Vortex



Peace Face

Sunday JimOnLight Flickr Group Photo Pool

Wow, I am absolutely awake right now, watching Inside Job.  I have been working my tail feathers off — you ever get where your sleep schedule is just off because you’re too tired to sleep?

I saw a movie today that I think nobody but me thought was absolutely awesome – The Divide, with Michael Biehn and Lauren German about a post-apocalyptic environment.  This movie is some freaky deep sh*t, people.  Get ready for some crazy insane completely wacko direction (which should be taken as a compliment) and it’s a scenic and lighting designer’s very deep dark dream.  This movie has really, really bad reviews, but I thought it rocked.  I’m serious, people hated this movie!  HAHA!  I say give it a chance, it’s a pretty great Saturday afternoon rainy day movie, but you better watch something with kittens in it afterwards.  Maybe eat some confetti frosting cupcakes or something too, it’s like watching The Road.  GAAAAH!

Side note for those of you who haven’t seen The Road — if you think you’re tough and all, you’re going to cry during and after The Road.  Prepare accordingly.

Check out some of these awesome Sunday Flickr Group images — this is going to be a creative week, I can smell it!



Lollapalooza 2011



string house demo

Mankato Rooftop


There is something so outstanding about this one below. Well done, Eric.


Randall really caught this next moment, methinks.  Good work, man.

A Chorus Line

Thanks Rebecca Wang for the “Divide” movie poster!