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The JimOnLight Community has chosen the following posts as this week’s Top 20 posts! I love seeing what you like to read!  Sunday is technically the end of my week in my crazy brain scheduling, so I always analyze and interpret at the end of the week.  Does anyone else think Sunday is the end of the week, or do your calendars start on Sunday?  Am I just cray-cray, to quote an old girlfriend?

Starting from the most read post this week…

1.  INDUSTRY ACCIDENT:  Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Video Wall Falls on Workers

2.  Lighting 101:  Luminance VS. Illuminance
3.  UPDATE:  Ultra Music Festival LED Wall Accident

4.  (and thank you for this, you all make me feel awesome!!!) I’m Taking the Day Off to Get Married, Have an Awesome Day!

5.  Infra, A TV Built from Remote Controls

6.  How Much Power Does the World Use in A Year, and Other Random Lighting Facts!
Random Indy car

7.  A Long-Exposure Proposal

8.  15,000 Volt Fractal Madness — Lightning On Wood as Art
finished board

9.  In Germany, It’s the Drones That Get Struck — By A Laser!

10.  The Store!

Jim Hutchison Joins the CAST Software Team!

I am really excited to announce that I’m now working for CAST Software!


I approached Gil and Bruce from CAST Software at LDI 2009 about CAST’s role in social media, and that I wanted to help in any way I could.  After talks and strategizing for a while since the convention, they’ve decided to bring me on as their Social Media and Area Sales Manager!

This is just awesome for me.  I have A) been using WYSIWYG for a long, long time, B) really believed in what they’re doing up there, C) wanted to be a part of the CAST team, and D) I love talking to people about WYSIWYG!  This is like epic win for me right now.  So as of a few days ago, I’m playing on the CAST team of developers, experts, and really fun people.

In addition to my full-time roll with, I’m also going to help CAST branch out into the worlds of Twitter, Facebook, and other various social media streams.  YEEHAA!  I’m still gonna write about WYSIWYG stuff here, because I am a fan and a user!

In the mean time, follow CAST Software on Twitter and Facebook!

CAST Software on Facebook:
CAST Software on Twitter:


So, please resume your normal reading, sorry to interrupt!


Were You at LDI 2009?


I met so many awesome people at LDI 2009 this year – it was certainly a year to remember, and my first Orlando show.  I normally go to Vegas for LDI, but I am glad I was able to partake in the candy-coated goodness that came from this year’s conference.

Enough about me though – what did YOU think of this year’s show?  What was your favorite thing, your least favorite thing, your biggest surprise, or your biggest letdown?  Did you see something so totally awesome that it rocked your world?  Did you have a bad beef burrito from the concession area?  I really want to know – if you were in Orlando basking in the artificial light goodness of LDI 2009, please tell me your experiences in the comments below!

If you’re kind enough to comment, I’m going to throw your name into a drawing for some JimOnLight stickers and this LED flashlight just for taking the time to comment!