JOL Sunday Flickr #12


Ooh, it’s been a long day.  It’s been a long, long, long day that is still gonna keep kicking for another few hours, but let me tell you — I’m perfectly OK with staying up researching something regarding light.  I find it just delightful that I can enjoy even the most mundane light-related tasks.  My career is like an entire day on the playground, most days!

Enjoy a late night version of the JOL Sunday Flickr — and if you’re up late, we’re up late together!

Lighting Loves Way

My Toronto apartment ceiling

Cooking Hell! FDT

eye beam


World's Largest Disco 2010




Glenwood Power Station

S4 Plug


5 of 365:  445 nanometers

Have an amazing Monday when it rolls around!


JOL Sunday Flickr #10


This has been a great week.

I got married to a wonderful lady who loves me so much.
I got a lot of things done from the Grand List of Things.
I went through about 200gb of video content that I have not had a chance to touch because of my full-time work.
I took a few moments to smell the flowers.

It always makes me feel so great to take a look through the great art that gets added to the JOL Flickr Group Photo Pool every week, I am truly humbled by such passionate, interesting light work!  Check out this week’s offering:

No-Shirts Basket Lights

City of Angels


Writing with Light


Just One Night

Palacio Real de Madrid

Luci in piazza San Carlo

sushi samba at heron tower


Until next week… JimOnLight as a 21-year-old kid:
Me:  The Rockstar Years

Sunday Flickr Pool

I’m posting from the general session floor of the Universal Focus on Patient Care Conference that I’m lighting here in Phoenix, AZ this week.  Lots of great stuff in the pool – keep it coming!  It’s your place to shine!  Such great photographers and light capturers contacting me lately, I’m in light nerd heaven!

Check out the Flickr Pool for more images!


Attention Aachen - Incoming!!!

Drive-Thru at Night


uncaged photons 1

Synapses' Escapade

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus-Lonely Road of Spring '09 956

Sunday Flickr Pool Post

Wow.  The Flickr Group is kinda exploding lately!  Lots of really amazing photographers are posting their light captures in the pool – get your tush on over there and check it out!

So many amazing images this week – definitely more than five.  Make sure to check out the rest of the pool, and give these photographers some traffic!


Christmas at DePaul

on the wings of a bird

peak lighting


VL3000 for IOC Lighting

Amanda Durbin Shoot


Amazing!  It is no wonder why I love light so freaking much.