James Clar’s “For Your Eyes Only”

I wrote about James Clar a few months ago in January, and I just got info on his latest show – For Your Eyes Only, at the Traffic Design Gallery in Dubai until April 16, 2009.  The works are a variety of forms, but all really interesting.  James Clar is an architectural light artiste and creator of interactive media.  His work is pretty fearless.

Love your work, brother.









Thanks, DesignBoom!

James Clar’s “Portal”

James Clar and Associates’ installation called “Portal” is an installation that was created in December 2008 for the Roger Tator Galerie for a show called “Superflux” in Lyon, France.  From the Clar website:

Portal” creates a doorway from a diffuser screen and has abstract lines of light that travel back and forth through the door, bouncing around the room.

In architecture, a doorway represents the transition from one space to another. “Portal” visually displays this moment of change as a 2D plane using the diffuser screen. As viewers watch the light pass through the screen the clean lines diffuse and turn fuzzy.

Additionally, a sensor was set up at the doorway of the actual gallery space. So when visitors enter the gallery the light from “Portal” changes to a different color, also signifying their transition from the outside space to the inside gallery.

What do you think about this work?  I would love to see how the sensor and the color changes flowed with the audience – the human element – of the piece.  Interesting work!