The Dolly Lamp by Louise Hederström

I have no idea why I am so drawn to this lamp – the concept and form are so primitively simple, yet it’s so elegant and attractive to me.  Does that mean I’m a simpleton, or so ridiculously complicated that not even I understand myself?

Meet the Dolly lamp by Louise Hederström:


The Dolly lamp is a series created by Louise for the lighting manufacturing company Bsweden.

From Bsweden:

Dolly is like a cosy person spreading light and happiness. The inspiration for the floor lamp came from a rotating globe. Resting within the frame, the sphere can be turned to any desired angle. Dolly has been fitted with a low energy fluorescent light and is equally suitable for domestic and commercial use.



Thanks, Contemporist!

Bendy Lights and Foam Mattress Lights?

I keep finding things in twos lately – I just ran across two interesting articels related to home and interior lighting that felt like they needed a double billing.  One of them is a bendy twisty tube called the Bamboo Light System, and the other is called the Zipper Light – and it looks like it’s glowing foam eggcrate!

Here’s the Bamboo Lighting System:

bamboo3 bamboo4

Pedro Reinoso designed the Bamboo Light System for the retailer Yamagiwa.  The system is a series of connectable pieces that can be bent and shaped.  Floor lamps, table lamps, hanging lamps – Pablo’s website has a pretty chandelier-esque fixture created.  Here’s the Yamagiwa’s english-language product page.




The second product is called the Zipper Silicone Lumainaire, designed by John Niero of justnotnormal design -  it looks like eggcrate at the first glance, but it’s a silicone sheet with LEDs embedded into it.  The panels zip together like a quilt, which is the zipper light’s concept.  It has a zipper on its edges so that you can connect it to itself, mount it to a wall, or whatever else you decide to zip it to for fun.  Or maybe you’re doing some serious zipping, not the fun kind.





Thanks, Unplggd and DVICE!

The Cube Lamp

Cube Lamp 1

Yanko Design posted an article about this interesting box-attached-to-the-wall type of fixture from designer Ricardo Garza Marcos.  I feel like I made one of these several years ago…  But nowhere near this interesting.

My fabrication brain sector is working overtime right now.

Cube Lamp 2

Cube Lamp 3