Incandescent Cloud

This has been making the rounds, but with good reason!  Caitlind r.c. Brown created a cloud out of 1,000 functioning and 5,000 donated burned out light bulbs for Calgary’s Nuit Blanche. For those of you who don’t know, Nuit Blanche (All Nighter, or literally “White Night”) is an all-night public arts festival. I personally have always really been drawn to the concept of Nuit Blanches, and would love to work on one. The closest thing I personally have been to is Santa Monica’s Glow, which was wonderful and an idea I really hope to see expanded on.

In Incandescent Cloud, pull strings glimmering like rain hang from the cloud. Nuit Blanche attendees could manipulate the cloud’s luminosity using those strings, creating random small flickers singularly, or working in teams to pull the strings at the same time. It is a wondrous installation, and I’m sure must have been a blast at Nuit Blanche!

Check out some photos and video below:

So Fly(light)

Studio Drift’s Fragile Future has been a favorite of mine since I saw it years ago at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City. And they’re still cranking out the awesome!

Flylight is another beautiful design from Studio Drift. Each piece is composed of at least 180 glass tubes, each individually controlled and sensitive to movement. They react to movement according to a programmed DNA. Each movement of Flylight is unique; there are no repeating patterns. Read about what Studio Drift says about the design DNA below:

The glass tubes that light up and respond to the viewer are inspired by the behavior of a flock of birds and the fascinating patterns they seem to make randomly in the air. Actually this behaviour is not as accidental as it looks; birds have to keep a safe distance from each other. What will happen if an intruder interrupts their flight? This is what the viewer will experience when approaching the FLYLIGHT. We converted this bird-behaviour into a digital DNA and translated it into understandable visualizations with light.

Check out a bit of the video below to see how the piece interacts with humans:

A 4D Theme Park?! Oh Yes.

It’s too bad we can’t buy tickets to one of THESE kind of parks at the gas station like you can places like King’s Island and Six Flags Over, uh, Wherever:


This place is called Live Park, and it was on some kind of a “world tour” for three months in South Korea recently:

Live Park was created by a firm called d’Strict — who has some pretty huge projects under their belt, check them out!


Starfield from Lab212 – Interactive Swinging and Stars!

Good Morning, World!

To all that will stumble upon this page in “error,” I wasn’t referring to THAT kind of swinging!

We can thank Lab212 for something absolutely awesome – Starfield.  This equation seems to have it nailed down:  1 kinect + 1 swing + var stars + 1 projector = full speed great.  Check it out:

From the Vimeo page:

Starfield is an installation where a swing is used to create a large interactive starry sky.

With a Kinect installed behind the swing and a video projector, the software creates a galaxy of stars in which the user wanders with the rhythm of his swing.

Created with openFrameworks, the application allows to configure almost any type of swing.

With anaglyph glasses, a 3D mode gives an even more immerse experience.

Music :
Chapelier Fou – Postlude

An installation by lab212 -


Curioser and Curioser

Curious Displays from Julia Tsao on Vimeo.

Julia Tsao’s Curious Displays are just plain neat! The proposal for a display that goes beyond set dimensions and aspect ratio is in itself fascinating, but then the augmented reality functionality shown in section 2 shows a whole new level of possibility. I would just LOVE to get my hands dirty programming some art on these little buggers!

Vectorial Elevation – Submit Your Designs!

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer is at it again – you might remember him from posts on about a few of his installations – Pulse Park, Levels of Nothingness – and now, he’s got another massive interactive installation.  Vectorial Elevation is installed right now in Vancouver, BC…

…and on the Internet.  YOU can participate.  YOU can create a design online with Rafael’s custom setup and have your display created in real time, in real space, in the skies of Vancouver.  I did!  20 @ 10K SyncroLite units slam through the air, creating whatever it is that you decide to create.  How many of you have designed light art of this magnitude?  I can tell you that it is one of the greatest things I’ve ever experienced – and now you can all submit a design that will get played back and photographed – and that you can share with the world!

The interface is easy to use, the system emails you when it’s ready to play your design in the Vancouver air, and it makes you a little website with images of the virtual design against the real design, from several angles.  Check out my design, entitled “A Light Hug for The World“, and check out some images below:

Everybody:  go participate in this awesome event!  How can you go wrong?!  Create something you want the world to see!  You can also watch other aspiring light artists’ designs live!  If you submit a design, post a comment on this post so everyone can see your work!  If enough people post a comment (or you can contact me via the contact form if you prefer), I will make a post with a list of all of your Vectorial Elevation designs.  Leave a comment!

ResoNet – An LED Spider Web

ResoNet is an interactive lighting installation that reacts to vibrations in the vicinity – a wave of wind, someone shaking the structure, whatever.  I’ll let the video speak for itself, but it’s kind of like a big light up spider web:

ResoNet was designed by Mark Francis Tynan and William Hailiang Chen.

La Vitrine by Moment Factory and Photonic Dreams


I just read about a permanent installation project in Montreal called La Vitrine, which is an interactive LED wall that reacts to people as they walk by and glance at the project.  From Fubiz:

Moment Factory ( developed the interactive system and designed the interactive content.  PHOTONIC Dreams ( created the original LED video wall of La Vitrine, in Montreal.

The installation includes tracking devices and low-resolution LED displays and is capable of showing many different visualizations based on the presence and movement of people.

Visitors can interact with the installation every night from 7 PM to 11 PM.
La Vitrine, 145, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montréal

Also, from the Moment Factory website:

Moment Factory’s recent premiere of North America’s first permanent interactive giant exterior wall won the Grand Prize in Montreal’s 2008 “Creativity Awards” in the Urban Integration category and found itself on the front cover of the awards’ journal. Initially a temporary pilot project, the wild public popularity of La Vitrine led it to be rendered permanent. The judges summarised the project as being “quintessentially Montreal,” expressing the playfully collective identity of the city.

La Vitrine – Montreal from steven bulhoes on Vimeo.



Philips – OLED Chandelier Video

Ron over at OLED-Info posted this video of Philips’ interactive OLED chandelier concept.  Interesting work – I like the interactive nature and the relayed power-up of the panels.

Toyo Ito and Takram Design Engineering’s “Furin” Wind Chimes


I just discovered this beautiful project – it’s no longer installed, as it was on display July 28, 2008 through August 22, 2008.  Toyo Ito and Associates Architects and Takram Design Engineering created this interactive exhibit with 280 glass chimes.  Here’s some info on the project:

On a grid of equilateral triangles, we hung a total of 280 glass wind chimes from the ceiling at varying heights to represent the undulation of a wave. When you walk underneath the wind chime, not only does it ring, but its LED also alights like a firefly. The wind chimes nearer to the ceiling ring in higher tones, and those hung lower in lower tones together offering 10 degrees of tonal expression. And it feels as though you are walking inside a large interactive instrument. Additionally, the wind chimes are networked together, so that the sound and light spreads to adjacent wind chimes like ripples in the water. This network system was based on the idea of behavior we observe among certain animals in nature that form groups.

No matter what I say about this, nothing is going to top the videos.  Check them out.

Thanks, DesignBoom!