Ignite Denver and Geeks Who Drink,,, and were all on site last night with the special events team. Handful of Peter, our trivia team name, won the competition, and a bunch of iTunes gift cards! Lots of fun was had by all. We also got to hang out with Maggie from Norcostco and her great beau, Jacob.

Check out John Wilker’s Ignite Denver website, as well as the very fun Geeks Who Drink. We’ll definitely be at another one of their outings!


If you don’t have your tickets for Ignite Denver yet, GET ON OVER THERE! Come on down to Fado Irish Pub in Denver to hear yours truly talk about how ROCK AND FREAKING ROLL it is to be a lighting designer!

Eight Days Until Ignite Denver!

Ignite Denver is happening on September 10 at Fado Irish Pub in Denver.  If you’re not in the know about Ignite Denver, check out the official site, and then check out what I’m doing at Ignite Denver.

Geeks Who Drink trivia is happening before hand, and that will prove to be a lot of fun, I’m sure!

Jim to Speak at Ignite Denver

I’m going to be talking about the world of light and lighting design at the local Ignite Denver event on September 10, 2008 – Ignite Denver is a social event where a bunch of people have five minutes to talk about a unique topic, with a 15 second rotation of slides.  I’m looking forward to it!

More about this in upcoming weeks.