Is the LED Game Over? Did LEDs Win?


I found a great article from the IES Magazine’s LD+A — Don Peifer asks a simple question:

Does the hype surrounding LEDs match the reality?
Or put another way: Is the battle over and have LEDs already won?

Read this awesome article –


POLL: Do You Belong to Any Lighting Organizations?

You know, I am sitting here going through my organizational memberships for 2010, and I wondered just now – to what professional lighting organizations do readers belong?  Please let me know below – if you’re an RSS feed reader, could you visit the site and contribute in this poll?  It will literally only take you a few seconds!

I have not added all of them to the list in the poll – however, if there is one you belong to that’s not on the list, leave a comment to support your org!

Select as many that apply below:

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