Hourglass LED Traffic Light? Awesome!

Designer Thanva Tivawong has put out an interesting concept for traffic control signal lights – using the idea of a digital hour glass!  The same colors as we’re used to appear in Thanva’s design – green for go, amber/yellow for warning, and red for stop.

Red apparently also means “go ahead and barrel through the intersection, being a douche and almost always nearly causing an accident.”  It does at least here in Oklahoma City, and almost nowhere in the world as bad as Dallas, Texas.  Damn, people.

Check out these images of the concept – and thanks, Daphne, for sending these my way!

The Hourglass Light

Designer Young Bok Kim has invented an hourglass type fixture that works to show time via light leaking form the top container to the bottom receptacle.  There are a lot of gimmick-y gadgets out there, but this one is pretty sweet!  You can adjust the time by twisting the unit – and as your time runs out, luminance increases at the bottom and decreases at the top, having replaced the typical sand with LEDs.

Cool.  I want to get one of these!  I don’t know if there is an alarm or anything that sounds once the unit has completely run your time, but I can imagine a slight bit of confusion with when the time is actually out, especially in a lit room.


Thanks, Yanko Design!