Philips LivingColors, V2.0 – LED Love for the Home

I wrote about the Philips LivingColors fixture in its initial form quite a while ago – and I had the pleasure of meeting the designer of the LivingColors fixture when I was in Sweden, Willem van der Sluis.  Willem is one cool dude.  We got to hear a lot about the original story of the initial ideas surrounding the LivingColor lamp – did you know that when Philips first proposed this idea, they wanted to use three incandescent (halogen) lamps inside this thing?!  That goodness that they decided to repel that decision – otherwise it might have been the Philips LivingCrapIBurnedDownMyHouse.

There is now a new release of the LivingColor wash – Philips claims that it is 50% brighter than the original, which, if you bought version 1, sucks for you.  Right now the fixture retails for between $230 and $350, and includes seven LEDs, a choice between a wall lamp and floor lamp, and comes with a multi-parameter color and intensity control.

I still think it’s cool, and I still want one.  Amazon has the Philips LivingColors full size for $190 and a mini version with the remote built-in to the case (which comes in glossy black and glossy white) for $107.  My birthday just passed, anyone need a belated gift idea?  🙂

Here’s a picture of the mini version, in glossy black:

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Jim’s Home On the Range


After a long day traveling yesterday, I am finally home.  I’ve had some Meat Lover’s Pizza, I slept for about 12 hours, and I am finally back on schedule.  I am hoping for the shortest jet lag day ever of course – I keep telling myself that if I pump enough coffee into my body, everything will be fine…

It feels so great to be back!  Thanks so much for all of your kind words on Twitter and over the last few days – it means so much to me!

Okay, enough of the thanks and happiness of home stuff…  I have articles to write!

A Luminaire I Could Accidentally Kick Down The Stairs

Meet the LUNA Light by Christian Strauss:

lena light 1

The LUNA Light is an LED sourced, lean-to kind of fixture.  Inside of the light is an angle-sensitive switch that turns the light on or off depending on how you’ve got it tilted.  From the designer, Christian Strauss:

LENA is a leaning light made of aluminium round pipe. The lamp has a finishing of liquid gum, resulting thereby a very pleasant haptics and matt black optics. A tilt angle contactor provides for the on/off switch inside of the lamp and it underlines the gesture of the leaning perfectly; the quicksilver inside of the tilt angle contactor inclines when the lamp is leaned on the wall or the furniture and merges thereby two contact parts providing smooth current flow. Therefore supplies LENA with direct or diffuse light only in leaned position.

I suck at not breaking things that lean on something else. You know the shelves that have a large bottom end and lean up against the wall? Yeah. We don’t have any of those in our house because I would break them in a week by tripping over them. I can’t imagine that this would be any different in my house.



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A Bed Full of Light

Ever think to yourself – “self, it would be so great if I could wake up to a custom color glowing all around me.”

Meet the Poesy Luminotherapy Bed:


The Poesy Luminotherapy Bed is one of those “well, where on Earth did you come up with that?” designs from French designer Philippe Boulet to combat the lack of such a bed.  Poesy has an integrated color mixing LED system with a remote controller system, and you can apparently mix custom colors.  You can set to wake up or go to sleep with any color of your choice, and from what I’ve been reading, control the intensity.  I wonder if I can program an RGB slow sine chase on this thing?




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WaterTherapy: The Coolest Shower Head I’ve Seen

Italian company Guglielmi has created a quite stunning luxury variant of the regular ol’ shower head.  A 480 stream shower head using 480 LEDs (that’s one per stream, for those of you keeping score) and utilizing color programs (9 single color and 2 multi-color fading) to give you a color therapy experience in the shower.  The WaterTherapy head also utilizes the European standard on water conservation – the images don’t show a laminar flow from the jets per se, but I would love love love to try out one of these.

If there’s one thing I love, it’s light.  If there’s another thing I love, it’s high water pressure in my shower.  I can imagine a nice blue mist crashing down on my exhausted back – I’d probably just lie in the tub and enjoy the light show!

I couldn’t find a price for this puppy, but I get the feeling it’s not on clearance.

Check out some images:



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Crazy Six-Armed DIY Ikea Hack Lamp

ikea hack lamp

I just saw a wacky sci-fi robot-esque six-armed light monster of a lamp at the Apartment Therapy Unplugged blog – the creator used an Ikea Blanda metal bowl, six Tertial arm desk lamps, some wiring harnesses and some rigging, and made a big room light.  I read some of the comments on this project, and the general consensus was “blech!  this thing is a monstrosity!“  I have to disagree.  If “steampunk” can be popular, then there is certainly a large percentage of the population who would love this project.

My wife and I have hacked Ikea furniture to fit our needs – I highly recommend it!  Props to the creator of this project, I think it is extremely cool.

ikea hack lamp

ikea hack lamp

Light O’Clock

Love it.

Light O’ Clock from designer Alex Onoiu is a clock, using a clock mechanism to tell time, along with two LEDs.  Light replaces the minute and hour hand on the clock, creating an excellent piece of functional art.  My wife and I have been looking for just a plain pair of hands  as a wall piece in our home, but instead I want this.

light o clock

light o clock

light o clock

light clock

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Sha-Do Play – One of the Coolest Things I Have Seen Lately

I have a tendency to like textured light; light on its own is filtered through clouds, trees, window dressings – and it creates its own natural “texture” for us to enjoy.  I love templates (or gobos, as they’re affectionately called) of texture, and they make a nice natural break to the line of a wall or surface.  Love ’em.

A company called Sha-Do released a few series of lamps that really play on this concept – a projector of sorts, these fixtures cast a great textured template on the surface on which it’s mounted.  Sha-Do has designed a lot of really beautiful shapes for their projections, and I am a huge fan.  I wish I had one of these!  I have a large white wall directly across from my desk at home, and I have a spot can shooting up the middle to break the monotony.  One of Sha-Do’s lamps would be so much better!

Check out a few of these fixtures, this stuff is beautiful – these are from the sha-do2 line:




From the original sha-do line, which all seem to be round:



The virus line:


All of these lines are amazing – and I have not covered them all.  Check out their website – – and view all of their work.  Beautiful!

Philips LivingColor Lamp

Philips has produced a beautiful LED lamp in its LivingColor line of cool stuff.  Four high output LED’s make up the source – two red, one blue, and one green.  Philips designed this fixture with a color picking remote, complete with intensity and chroma controls.

It’s certainly not cheap, but it’s not unreachable.  I couldn’t find a US price, but it’s £99.95 in London.  So what, that’s about $1200 US dollars?

The Great Indoors – 15% Off Sale

All Interior Designers and Lighting Consultants (also, lighting dorks like me who like cool fixtures at home):

I just found out that The Great Indoors is having a 15% off all lighting and ceiling fans sale.  Check it out!  Paying less than retail is always awesome.