Stagehand Limbo

Wednesday morning funny time.  We all need a laugh from time to time!  Me, I need a laugh like once or twice every half-hour.

A Sunshine Pill?

This is too cool not to be clever.  I saw this on Apartment Therapy yesterday – a miniature LED light that takes awesome liberties with the idea of sunshine and pills, and all with different locations and color temperatures!  I want a Bora Bora, please!

This little exhibit was done by Vaulot & Dyèvre for the MINIFLUX festival that took place over the week of December 8, 2011.  Pretty cool, check it out!

I wonder if these are “burp free” sunshine pills…

Wackity schmackity doo.

Sh*t Photographers Say

I have a lot of photog friends for some reason.  I was sitting here thinking about this and I realized that OF COURSE I have a lot of photographer pals, I’m a f*cking lighting designer, Jim, ya dumb dumb!

I hope this brings you a laugh, I made three phone calls because of it and had more laughs!

Good MORNING, everyone!  It’s FRIDAY THE 13th!

The image at the top was from a pretty funny gallery of photographer shots, check it out!

Friday Morning Semi-Lascivious Learning!

Yeah.  Sometimes lighting facts are best illustrated with lingerie.  I have been cracking myself up all morning learning about all kinds of facts from – which is full of great stuff.  Like this little tidbit about Phosphenes!

There are so many people I know who will appreciate this.  There are also so many people I know who won’t – so I figured that I’d go ahead and make the playing field even and make my OWN half naked facts!  It’s fair and acceptable for the ladies, right?

I crack me up. Somebody’s got to, right?

A Happy Holidays Bit of Hilarity on JimOnLight!

We’re trying to make the Holidays as completely ridiculous as possible this year, so please enjoy our new especial all-the-way-from-Las Vegas Holiday-on-Crack background and twinkle-light-tastic logo!  We at and Light Associated Media, LLC feel that the holidays should be as jam packed with as much ridiculous as humanly possible – and not that Black Friday ridiculous, I mean RIDICULOUS ridiculous.  Nobody’s gonna shoot you in the face with lachrymatory agents in here, is a no-OC-and-CS-zone!  Well, Lumiere often likes to strut around the office showing everyone her anus, but really, who doesn’t?

I’m trying to find some Christmas-scented deodorant to really bring the smell of the Holidays home to roost, but so far all I can find is Eggnog flavor (weird) and Old Drunk Aunt Suze flavor (bourbon and Vicodin).

Yeah.  YEAH!

Ridiculous Scripted Videos: Meet the Master Electrician

Have you seen any of these videos that are made at the XtraNormal website?  They’re the ones where you submit a scripted dialogue between two characters, and the characters are computer voices that often make HILARIOUS scenarios.

If you’ve not seen any of these, you have to see this one – it’s the meeting of the house Master Electrician.  Get ready to chuckle!

You HAVE to check out more of these videos – here’s one with a scenic designer and a lighting designer talking about the upcoming show they’re both designing:

Check out XtraNormal to make your own effing hilarious situational giggle material!