HAPPY 2015, WORLD!!!


GOOD-BYE, 2014 – and HELLO, 2015!

I hope that if you’re out there partying that you have a blast with the rest of your night/morning, and if you’re out there working a show tonight, please have a blast afterwards, even if it’s much after load-out.  YOU DESERVE IT!


Santa’s On Tour, See Him TONIGHT ONLY! Norad Santa Tracker!

Ok kids (and patient parents waiting for said kids to get to sleep, etcetera), Santa is on tour and he’s doing his yearly hit-every-venue-in-one-night road show!  Obviously lighting production is light for the tour, we’re not gonna see the Syncrolites this time, just Rudolph’s glowing A-15 nose lamp.

If you go here:

You can watch Santa on tour as he plays to the entire world!  Check it out!


Happy Christmahanakwanzika from JimOnLight!

It’s Christmas Day obviously, and I’m here in Toronto with my lady and our furbaby Roxy.  Yeah, you know the one:

Roxy Claus!


Roxy/Daddy Christmastime!

We had plans to get home this year to introduce Laura and Roxy to the Hutchison family, but our travel plans fell through.  But, like many other families on the road this year, we’re about to Skype home in a bit and send our holiday cheer back to the States!  If you’re on the road this season and unable to spend your Holiday with the ones you miss, remember that a phone call home or a Skype/G+/video chat home can make all the difference.

I have a couple of buddies overseas in a really shit place right now “defending freedom.”  I hope you guys are safe and sound, warm, not being shot at, and having something hot and rib-sticking to eat today.

If you’re lucky enough to be with those you love this holiday, squeeze them extra tight and remember that there are 26 people who just had that taken away right before Christmas this year.

I really hope that we all realize someday that it doesn’t matter if we believe in everything, something, or nothing – if we can’t coexist, we won’t continue to exist.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone, let’s turn 2013 into a year we can all look back on and be really proud to have taken part!



A Happy Holidays Bit of Hilarity on JimOnLight!

We’re trying to make the Holidays as completely ridiculous as possible this year, so please enjoy our new especial all-the-way-from-Las Vegas Holiday-on-Crack background and twinkle-light-tastic logo!  We at and Light Associated Media, LLC feel that the holidays should be as jam packed with as much ridiculous as humanly possible – and not that Black Friday ridiculous, I mean RIDICULOUS ridiculous.  Nobody’s gonna shoot you in the face with lachrymatory agents in here, is a no-OC-and-CS-zone!  Well, Lumiere often likes to strut around the office showing everyone her anus, but really, who doesn’t?

I’m trying to find some Christmas-scented deodorant to really bring the smell of the Holidays home to roost, but so far all I can find is Eggnog flavor (weird) and Old Drunk Aunt Suze flavor (bourbon and Vicodin).

Yeah.  YEAH!


For all of you out there across the world, working and not spending time with your family, friends, and loved ones…

…this one is for you.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and all my best to you all!

Much love and light,

Jim’s Guide to Christmas Lights is BACK!

Oh yes, it is THAT TIME AGAIN, my friends!

It’s time for the Guide to Christmas Lights! This is the time of year when people dig out the crazy plastic Santas with sled and reindeer, the Frosty the Snowman yard art, and go to town getting all Clark W. Griswold all over their houses!

The Guide to Christmas Lights has been blessed with some pretty worldwide attention, having been read in 190 countries across the world.  We even got plagiarized by Gizmodo last year!  How crazy is THAT?!

I’ll be adding more parts this season – coming on Tuesday, November 30, I’ll post Part Five – Christmas Lighting MATH!  Until then, you can get caught up on the first four parts:

PART ONE:  The History of Christmas Lights

PART TWO:  Modern Christmas Light Lamp Types and Sizes

PART THREE:  Form Factors of Christmas Lights

PART FOUR:  Christmas Light Power and Safety

Stay tuned – more Guide to Christmas Lights parts coming up!

Christmas Lights in Perth, Australia

Christmas lighting is still in fashion, at least until the New Year, right?  We always took ours down sometime after the first of January, so take that as a hint, all of you “leave them up until April” people!

I saw an interesting post on CNN’s iReport site about a family in Perth (Australia) that has a massive Christmas lighting display – they also made a bunch of bread on it that they donated to a local children’s hospital.  This Christmas light display raised $22,000+ last year!  They’re shooting for $30,000 this year. (ps: I would have embedded the CNN video, except there was no way to turn off the autoplay feature – which would have annoyed you all. Cnn, don’t you want people to embed your videos?)

The creator is a guy named Kym Illman, the CEO of a company called Messages On Hold.  This beast is 176 channels of control, over 6 kilometers of cable, and 50,000 LEDs.  Watch this video of Kym Illman on Perth’s “Today” show:

Here is their display video – can you believe how much stuff is in that rig?!

Thanks, MoH!

Gifts? For a Lighting Professional?! Oh my.

Yeah, oh my indeed.  I think one of the hardest things to do is to buy gifts for people working in the lighting industry.  I mean, it’s like anything technical, really – if it isn’t related to gaming, clothing, or nerdiness, then it’s something like a $16,000 spectroscope or a $3,000 dollar oscilloscope.

What?  Who asks for that for christmas?  Can Santa’s elves make that?  Do they just contract that out or something?

The other hardest thing about buying presents for a lighting professional is when you forget to get them until the Monday before Christmas!! I went through Amazon this morning and grabbed some stuff that I think lighting people would like, and I listed some of it below.  I picked stuff that I thought I would like to either give or receive – so good luck, and hurry up!  Christmas is on Friday! AAAA!  Two day shipping!
Gift ideas for lighting professionals

Did you pick something out?  Time’s a wasting!

  1. 10-LED USB light bar
  2. Kensington “Flylight” USB light
  3. Black and Decker “Ready Wrench”
  4. Crescent brand adjustable spanner with thumb slide (I have 2 of these!)
  5. 8″ Stanley brand “crescent” wrench (adjustable spanner)
  6. Cooper Lighting 80-LED rechargeable folding worklight
  7. Amprobe LM631A digital light meter
  8. Gerber Pro Scout needle-nose multitool
  9. christmas ornament earrings!
  10. christmas light earrings!
  11. Gerber’s Legen multitool
  12. Victorian-era Edison replica lamp, 25W
  13. 1890 Edison lamp replica, 40W
  14. 1910 squirrelcage filament replica lamp, 40W
  15. 1920 double-looped filament replica lamp, 30W
  16. 28-piece Klein tools Electrician set
  17. Leatherman New Wave multitool with leather sheath
  18. Lava Lamps!
  19. USB charm light
  20. christmas lights necklace
  21. Mastech 20-200,000 lux meter
  22. Sekonic L-358 Flash Master
  23. Sekonic L-398 light meter

Barco Lays Off More High End Systems Employees, Just in Time for Christmas


I just found out in a round-about way that digital lighting and display company Barco let some more High End Systems employees go last week.  And JUST in time for the holidays, too!  How fantastic.

You know, I am no MBA holder, nor would I know how to conduct a multi-million dollar business, so I won’t.  But I do have to say that it seems to me like you are trying to erase an American lighting icon from the industry altogether.  I have a problem with that.  Does it matter what I think?  More than likely not in this case.  I have a suggestion, though – why don’t you come on over from Belgium and get to know the people and equipment that people like?

The stock picture – six months:


The last two days (December 15-17, 2009):


On November 27, Barco acquired another business entity, FIMI Medical Imaging.  From Reuters:

Dow Jones reported that Barco NV has reached an agreement with Koninklijke Philips Electronics NV about the acquisition of FIMI. Koninklijke Philips Electronics NV is to sell FIMI for EUR 19 million in cash and the agreement includes an earn-out-construction from which it will earn EUR 10 million in the next five years. The transaction is expected to be completed at the end of 2009.

From Barco’s press release:

Eric Van Zele, Barco’s President and CEO, stated: “Our Medical Imaging Division has been performing strongly in recent years both sales and profit-wise. The acquisition of FIMI fits well within the overall growth strategy of the division as it further strengthens our existing product portfolio, opens opportunities in new segments of medical imaging, and strengthens our strategic relationship with Philips.”

Well, I really hope that you’re going to do more with the High End Systems brand. Those people are good people, and you have an asset in Richard Belleveau.  I hope you realize that and understand the entertainment industry before you spill white-out all over history and innovation.  You could be an industry leader.  Don’t forget, they were doing things well way before you.



Yes, that’s a picture of a light-up turkey.

No matter where you are – if you’re out on the road with a show, stuck in a desert somewhere, or lucky enough to be with those you love this Turkey Day, I wish you the best darned Turkey Day that is humanly possible.

Vegetarians, I’ll eat some turkey for you.  I’m sure that your blood pressure will be lower than mine if that’s any consolation.