XBox 360 Kinect + DMX = 100% Awesome

I saw this amazing video on Hack N’ Mod about turning an XBox 360 Kinect into a DMX lighting control device.

Of course I said “SAY WHAAAT?” to myself ever so gently.  Can you imagine this with a full lighting rig?  Right now, it’s just being done with two green LEDs.

Check out the video!

Kinect + Touch Designer DMX Light/Laser Control from Phil Reyneri on Vimeo.

Hack the world!  Thanks, Hack-N-Mod!

A 7-Color Handheld Laser Project

With a little patience, the sled from a PS3, and some time to watch this video, you can make a 7-color handheld laser!  This is a pretty cool project from one of my favorite blogs, Hack-N-Mod.

Hack-N-Mod also has a handful of other sweet laser projects here.